Wall Connector - installation outside

Wall Connector - installation outside

My wife and i just bought a Model X 100D, our first tesla as we await our 3 as well. while we could not be more excited i am trying to intake all of the different variables to address before it arrives so that we have as seamless an adjustment as possible. One item was we don't park our cars in our Garage as its a single care garage and it wouldn't be all that feasible. Can we install a Wall connector outside where it will be exposed to weather?

We live in Eugene, Oregon US and thus its safe to say we get a fair bit of rain. i assume these things are built to be weather proof, but i would look mighty dumb for not asking. will commence to dig through the manual but i can't be the first to ask.

Happy Holidays!

Ohmster | 24 dicembre 2017

As far as I know and have read, it's suitable for outdoor use/installation.

bhoskins | 24 dicembre 2017

Yeah. I’ve used the wall connector at destination chargers and they were up and running in pouring down rain. Of course read the manual, but I’ve definitely seen an outdoor wall connector in the wild!

Vawlkus | 25 dicembre 2017

The wall connector is actually rated better in outdoor conditions than the mobile charger is. ;)

Leeo | 25 dicembre 2017

I have one at my business for 3 years now outdoors. No problems at all.

PedanticOne | 26 dicembre 2017

My neighbor has an original model S and has had a wall connector outside for years now. It's fine, and definitely sealed.

CMcCright | 26 dicembre 2017

Excellent, thanks for your help and feedback.

CMcCright | 26 dicembre 2017

Excellent, thanks for your help and feedback.

bmeltzer | 16 dicembre 2018

May be overkill but I installed mine in a weatherproof locked box at my office to discourage vandalism