2014 CPO

2014 CPO

Quick question, I’m now thinking of getting a CPO instead of a new one due to budget. Do you recommend getting the 2014 60 or 85? Isn’t this the year where the car had issue regarding the big gaps between the hood and head lights? For those with 2014, how are the seats? I’ve watched videos on how some owners are complaining because there’s not enough cushion, is that true?

blacktape242 | 8 gennaio 2018

if you can get the bigger battery. just my two pennies.

ejunk | 8 gennaio 2018

@aortner: yea thinking of that as well as looking for one with low mileage. It’s hard looking for one that has all the bells and whistles.

dborn | 8 gennaio 2018

I have a 2014 S 85. I would not suggest a smaller battery. Not sure what you mean about gaps. Mine are fine. The seats? I have gen 1 seats. You get used to them. Would I prefer gen 2? Absolutely. However, I have driven long distances without issue. I have a bad back and I find the gen 2 more supportive. I am told they cannot be upgraded however. (Tried the gen 2 in loaner cars).

blacktape242 | 8 gennaio 2018

did you look on the site at the used inventory, there are tons of them.

Anthony J. Parisio | 8 gennaio 2018

Try www. I have had a 2014, 2015, 2016 and now 2017. Gen. 2 seats are better but gen. 1 is very good! Fit and finish got better every year but never was it terrible. While there are new and more technical features the car and the way it drives and rides has always been perfect! Unless you have to have the newest tech you will be crazy stupid happy!

As for battery size, if you live in the cold weather bigger is a must. You can loose 1/3 of your range to heating the battery. A bigger battery is the only real practical must have and only if you live in cold climate. Everything else is personal preference.

Having a Tesla of any kind is far better and safer than not. Best of luck.

ejunk | 8 gennaio 2018

@aortner: yea I’ve looked at the used inventory. There’s a couple but I’m still trying to see what’s out there.
@Anthony: I’ve also looked at that site. Did you get your cars brand new? Were they lease? I’ve sat in a 2017 and loved the seat.

PhillyGal | 8 gennaio 2018

2014 is a tricky year. For about 3/4 of the year, they were made without autopilot hardware. The last few months, had AP1 hardware. If you can find one, I recommend getting the AP hardware. It makes the car that much more enjoyable.

Ours was built in November 2014 and I don't have a single complaint about the seats (the old seats.) But then again, we traded in a Jeep for it so no experience with luxury vehicles.

dborn | 8 gennaio 2018

Yep. Mine has AP1, which I consider a must.

Wilber | 8 gennaio 2018

I used to have an S60 delivered in Nov 2014 with AP1. Here in California i found the 60 battery was just fine. However, if you live in a colder clime or do lots of long distance driving the 85 battery is probably a good idea. I dont recall there being any issues with hood/light alignment then. As for seats. I didnt have the NextGen. Just had the regulars, and they were a bit too hard - especially since i have congenital hip displasia. The back was fine, just the seat part was too hard. Other folks thought they were fine. While having AP1 is great, IF you can get one without for alot cheaper AND you wont miss it much (IF you dont drive in stop and go traffic often or take frequent long trips) then you can skip AP.

ALI3N | 9 gennaio 2018

We picked up our 2014 S60 with AP1 Three weeks ago. Seats are very comfortable though I’ve never sat in Gen2.

Only had one issue with range when I forgot it didn’t have a full charge and I headed off on a 160 mile drive. It said I could’ve made it back with 9% but I didn’t want to chance it. Good news is there was a SC on the way (Riverside CA). Ended up finding a Great Sports Bar! Turned out to be a fun experience lol.

I did notice a gap between hood and lights but it doesn’t look bad. I don’t even see it anymore to be honest. The car has been a pleasure to own thus far.

Anthony J. Parisio | 9 gennaio 2018

I got all of them as demo's. I saved a lot on each car. The highest miles was 7000. I would be fine with used. Mike Anthony on Youtube got a used one and videoed it all. Check it out.

Rocky_H | 9 gennaio 2018

I don't really recall 2014 being any better or worse in particular for any kind of gaps.

I have a March 2014 S85, so no form of autopilot. I live in Boise, so there's no heavy highway commuting. It's almost all driving around in town, so I wouldn't be able to use autopilot anyway, so I don't miss it.

I also have the original kind of seats--textile, not leather. The textile seats are very good in my opinion. I've just never liked leather seats anyway--too hot, too cold, too slick, etc. Seat comfort is so subjective, because it depends on what you're used to. I never had a Lexus or Audi, and coming from Civics and Jettas and Dodge Neons, the seats seem perfectly fine and have more adjustments than we've ever had before, so we think they're really good.

On the 60 versus 85, that does make a big difference how much real Winter you have to deal with. Around town in your daily local use, either one will generally be fine, because you're probably not going to use up 150-200 miles in a day. For longer trips in the cold, you can take your tradeoff. I see people on this forum who chose to buy the small size battery Model X and then are angrily flipping out about what a piece of garbage it is because the range isn't what they expected when it's Winter and they're driving over 80mph. Well, they're obviously not going to get the rated range with that kind of driving, and if they wanted more range, they should have bought more range. In exchange for saving several thousand dollars on the smaller battery, it's not a bad deal, but you will need to have a bit more patience to charge longer on your trips.

This shows up in two ways with the 60kWh. It's a 350V battery, rather than 400V, so the actual power is less, which equals slower charging. Plus, for the amount of distance you will need to charge, you might need to fill up to about 90% or more fairly often, which can get pretty slow at the high end of the battery. With an 85kWh, you might only need to keep hitting 70-80ish % on those stops, which is still in the pretty fast range of charging.