Went surfing today for the first time with the M3.
Was lucky to meet up with a friend and put my phone (key) in his car.

Does anyone have a good solution for locking the M3 while doing water sports?

Assuming I could jam the key card into my wetsuit key holder, will submerging the card have any effect on its functioning?

Model_D | 7 febbraio 2018

My plan: turn off phone and leave in car. Key card in pocket in swim suit since it is waterproof.

4jsandy | 9 aprile 2018

I can confirm @Model_D's suggestion works.
When I took delivery the employees not only confirmed that the card is waterproof, but said that it is covered under warranty (didn't say how long) and that if it stops working you can simply go to a service center and pick up a replacement.
I've been surfing 4 times with my M3 now with no issues. I put my phone in airplane mode, lock the car using the key card, and then store it in the arm of my wetsuit against my bicep. The card is small and flexible and apparently waterproof!

4jsandy | 9 aprile 2018

As for surfboards... You can really only fit up to a 7 ft surfboard inside the car. You might be able to do something like angle a longer board sideways so it moves diagonally between the front seats, but you'd be getting pretty close to the screen, which could be an issue...
I may test the theory later this week

Tesla2018 | 15 aprile 2018

I bring a beachchair and towel with me and put keys and cell phone on seat of the chair and cover with the towel. I can see from the water if anyone is trying to take anything. Most breakins around me happen to cars parked along the beach or in beachside parking lots since they know people are going to be away from the car for a while.

But since people are aways going from their chairs to the water, and since a lot of times people come their with little kids and somein is usually near your chair, crooks are less likely to try to steal stuff. Or you could also bring a cooler with drinks and ice and put the keycard in it inside of a ziplock bag.

cornellio | 15 aprile 2018

Thanks for this post. Good to know the key card is submersible. Something I need to do when I go scuba diving.

Now I just need a solution for holding scuba tanks in place so they don't bang around in the trunk and scratch it.

sosmerc | 15 aprile 2018

If I were actually surfing or scuba diving, I think I would rather hide the keycard in the tailpipe :)........

spuzzz123 | 16 aprile 2018

Grrr the pains you SoCal folks must endure with your surfing and scuba woes. We get a high of 40 today in good ole Midwest!

flowerscl | 17 aprile 2019

I’m a Model 3 owner/surfer too.

Here are a few solutions:

1) Buy a Dakine Waterman hydration pack. It has pockets for small things; perfect for a key card.

2) Search for “credit card armband” at Amazon. A few of the items look like they would fit under a wetsuit.

3) Email, like I have, a few wetsuit manufacturers asking them to include key card/credit card pouches in wetsuits. Most wetsuits already have pouches for traditional keys.