Your Tesla is currently in production.

Your Tesla is currently in production.

Hi Everyone
Great site. My first post. I waited a long time to see those words.
(Your Tesla is currently in production.)
Hopefully shipping goes fast.
Pick up in Toronto

wingit | 27 febbraio 2018

Woo Hoo!

pjalan | 27 febbraio 2018

Awesome. International production in progress.

burdogg | 27 febbraio 2018

Congrats! Boy does it ever seem like a time stands still as you wait for your baby to arrive :)

mebphill | 27 febbraio 2018

Seems like forever.
Ordered on 12 31 17
Read so many forums
Hopefully I will have lots of positive things to add in a few weeks.

pjalan | 27 febbraio 2018

It’s coming...

bob | 27 febbraio 2018

Warning: your browser refresh button won't make your myTesla page update any faster. But you'll use it at least 50 to 100 times a day till you take delivery.

mebphill | 28 febbraio 2018

You've been watching me.
Just finished looking before I got here.

sner66 | 1 marzo 2018

Looks like schedule is consistent. I finalized 12/19 (12 days before you) and got "in production" message 2/16 (also about 12 days before you. I got "production complete/in transit" message 2/24. Due to arrive in Chicago 3/16 (hopefully sooner). Total time from order to receipt is about 2 weeks longer than it took our 2014 Model S to make it.

wingit | 1 marzo 2018

Just checked ours. "You Tesla is currently in production." SWEET!!!

pjalan | 1 marzo 2018


Contrapositive | 1 marzo 2018

@sner66. We finalized on almost the same day. My production ended 2/19, but they put my car on a train, which apparently takes OVER 3 WEEKS to get to the east coast, all told! It's unbearable.

brschram | 1 marzo 2018

Congrats! Our VINs are really close (914XX) and I can't stop hitting the refresh button!

wingit | 1 marzo 2018

@brschram ours changed at about 1 Eastern today.

brschram | 1 marzo 2018

Thanks @wingit, I'm in Oregon so who knows what that's going to mean.

mebphill | 4 marzo 2018

@Bob Warning: your browser refresh button won't make your my Tesla page update any faster. But you'll use it at least 50 to 100 times a day till you take delivery.

I think there might be something wrong with my refresh button.
My Tesla page refuses to say that my X has been shipped.
Seems like I've been waiting forever.

jabe999 | 4 marzo 2018

My refresh works! My X has been shipped today. Production started on Feb. 23.

ben | 4 marzo 2018

You guys are lucky. Much longer wait here in the UK... Mines not due until end of June, ordered early Feb!

mebphill | 5 marzo 2018

My refresh button must of been fixed.

"Your Tesla has been built and is in transit from the factory"


burdogg | 5 marzo 2018

These threads never get old - always fun to see the excitement and be reminded of those painful waiting days! Congrats everyone!

lilbean | 5 marzo 2018

Does the refresh button speed up the process? Asking for a friend who is waiting for a Model 3. ;)

burdogg | 5 marzo 2018

Sure you are asking for a "friend" and the answer is...maybe - no scientific study yet has been done so don't want to say yes and don't want to say no, for fear of being wrong.

lilbean | 5 marzo 2018

What? The burdogg is never wrong! That’s what my friend told me anyway.

burdogg | 5 marzo 2018

haha - you should seek a second opinion for a different friend :)

mebphill | 5 marzo 2018

To definitively answer your question.
First it worked.
Then it didn't .
Then it did.

lilbean | 5 marzo 2018

Burdogg, :)

johnse | 6 marzo 2018

Mine is still just “scheduled”. Waiting is.

brschram | 6 marzo 2018

I just got 'the call'! Could be as early as 3rd week of March if it can hitch a ride on a fast new Tesla Semi!

lilbean | 6 marzo 2018

Congrats! Get ready to feel like a teenager again!

brschram | 6 marzo 2018

Thanks, I'm already familiar with that feeling! (awkward and insecure, right? :) )

lilbean | 7 marzo 2018


jsaad | 7 marzo 2018

How long does it usually stay in production? I think mine has been in production since the 27th of Feb. The FAQ says it should show an estimated delivery date, but don't see that either.

Blue Pilot | 8 marzo 2018

Good question- I've seen some (from another forum) post production lengths of 4-6 days. Today starts day 7 for me, but I did get an email from my DS yesterday that delivery has been moved up from 3/30 to 3/20. Let's hope it stands!

jsaad | 9 marzo 2018

Mine just switched to in transit, I guess it was about 7 or 8 days for us on production.

Still don't have an estimated date though. But at this point last week of the month seems likely.

nennewfamily | 10 marzo 2018

I’m on day 10 of production. Our delivery date has been pushed from 3/13 to 3/17.

jeanette.woods | 10 marzo 2018

My Model X is out of production and is enroute to VA. Have my delivery date scheduled for 28 March. Hopefully it can be pushed up and doesn't move back.

pjalan | 11 marzo 2018

My VIN is generated. How long for delivery ?

wingit | 11 marzo 2018

We had a note last week from the DS that production was complete. I held off posting until I was sure. Today, the order was finally updated to "Your Tesla has been built and is in transit from the Factory." Sweet! :)

roaryw | 12 marzo 2018

i just went from transit to factory to "Your Tesla is undergoing preparation for delivery" -- assuming its already here as my appointment is this week

rohitgarewal | 12 marzo 2018

I am jealously happy for you guys (is that a gramatically correct two-word combo)? Ordered Jan 19 but still waiting for production. Supposed to be delivered by March 20th, and as of the 9th was on track according to my DS, but I’m not so sure. I leave for two weeks on the 22nd so if not here will have to wait until early April. My only real concern is the financing; I’m told they will honor the rate but there is mixed info on the inter webs about this.

I will first hope that my DS is right, then I will trust my Tesla loan advisor and go from there.

Dofpic | 13 marzo 2018

Finalized mine on 1/17/18 and still waiting for the same email. Seems slower than my previous 2 MS in 2015 and 17.

nennewfamily | 13 marzo 2018

I’m still in production. It’s day 13 for me now. I’m also hoping I won’t go past 30 days on my loan.

brschram | 15 marzo 2018

Woo Hoo! In transit!

Hope she has the new MCU.

Scottygm3 | 15 marzo 2018

Seems to be an issue with Tesla production...maybe. I am now into day 10 of “in production”, if you look at the sheets status out there the max production time is 7days. My model S took 4 days in 2017 to get through production..

brschram | 15 marzo 2018

Mine was in production for 9 days.

nennewfamily | 15 marzo 2018

Mine was in production for 13 days.

T34Bravo | 15 marzo 2018

Today is day 9 of production for us. Ordered on Jan 17. We were promised a March delivery but were getting less optimistic about that each day.

brschram | 15 marzo 2018

Just heard from my DS, should be here on or before the 26th. Apparently they take the scenic route from Fremont to Portland!

wingit | 15 marzo 2018

We are scheduled for pickup next Tuesday. :)

johnse | 16 marzo 2018

Mine switched to “in transit” this morning. 9 days in production.

Dofpic | 17 marzo 2018

@mebphill did it come yet? ordered mine on 1/16 and still nothing. my DS told me will be delivered by its week of April but I'm very skeptical at this point.