Windshield Replacement cost?

Windshield Replacement cost?

Can anyone who recently replaced their model X windshield tell me how much it cost to replace? I'd like to know as I'm having to choose an insurance deductible for my imminent Model X delivery.

Blueskies | 4 marzo 2018

Should I have posted this question somewhere else, or is there a better place I might get the right answer?

lilbean | 4 marzo 2018
Triggerplz | 4 marzo 2018

Wow Lilbean you are always willing to help and quick with the answers, now where's Silver with his brown nosing comment :-)

lilbean | 4 marzo 2018

Haha! Thanks, cousin!

inconel | 5 marzo 2018

Just replaced mine because of a rock, $1500 including taxes.

inconel | 5 marzo 2018

It was done by the Paramus SC in NJ. Took 3 business days for the new windshield to arrive.

jerryk | 5 marzo 2018

$2200 is not too bad. I had to replace the one on my BMW X3 and it is $1700 because of the windshield wiper sensor and HUD polarization.

SolidWhite60DX | 5 marzo 2018

I paid 1375 + tax (just under 1500 total) in December at the Dublin SC.

avesraggiana | 5 marzo 2018

Good to know. I whinged about some pretty impressive windshield pitting after our first road trip in my mum's Model X. It's pitting I'll have to live with until I get the money saved up.

The pitting's a pity since the Model X is only three months old.

ScooterJim | 6 marzo 2018

I also got hit by a rock on the interstate seven months ago. The replacement windshield took six weeks to arrive. None of the shops recommended by my insurance (USAA) would attempt to replace it. Tesla SC in Marietta had replaced a couple already and took the job. The total cost was just under $1200 and I paid the total. Later the insurance reimbursed me for my deductible.

avesraggiana | 7 marzo 2018

@ScooterJim. Slight non sequitur - I have USAA too, and as lovely as they are, when it comes to body work or windshield repair to our Teslas, I've never gone to their list of "preferred" providers. I've always gone to those most highly recommended by current Tesla owners.

I'm thinking about going to Safelite Autoglass repair first and then to our local SC to shop for their prices. I'm sure the replacement windshield will take the same time to arrive no matter where I go.

lilbean | 7 marzo 2018

@avesraggiana I would not trust Safelite for the windshield. I can’t imagine that they would even do the Model X. I would take it to a certified Tesla body shop. They know how to mount the complex windshield with the autopilot hardware and wiring the that goes down the center of it.

avesraggiana | 7 marzo 2018

@lilbean. Good point. Thank you. I forgot that mum's Model X is not like my old Honda Civic.

Triggerplz | 7 marzo 2018

I would definitely take it to a authorize shop but the cost is a non issue for me whatever the cost is I would pay $100 as I have $100 deductible insurance coverage

sp_tesla | 7 marzo 2018

Triggerplz | March 7, 2018
I would definitely take it to a authorize shop but the cost is a non issue for me whatever the cost is I would pay $100 as I have $100 deductible insurance coverage. "

Time will tell, wait & see if a significant insurance premium increase occur at renewal time.

Triggerplz | 7 marzo 2018

$1158 a year with $100 deductible on a $150.000 MX even if there is an increase there's plenty room for an increase :-) plus I have forgiveness for my first claim which I haven't used yet, and not that I want to give them more money but I feel like I'm under paying already, when I got rid of my 2012 Lexus RX when I got the MX the rate actually went down a few hundred

MelaniaFromBrentwood | 8 marzo 2018

@triggerplz what insurance/state??

burdogg | 8 marzo 2018

Melania - I have Travelers auto and home - my MX 90D is $1,000 per year, with $500 deductible and $50 glass deductible. I have 300k/500k coverage with towing.

I am in CO.

Triggerplz | 8 marzo 2018

@Melania I have Liberty Mutual

Redmiata98 | 9 marzo 2018

Location is also a component of pricing.

Triggerplz | 9 marzo 2018

Location, driving record, credit score

Rumi11 | 29 marzo 2018

You may want to check with your insurance regarding the deductible. Some states have a law that insurance companies cannot charge a deductible for windshield replacement. Hope yours is in that category! Good luck!

COrich | 22 giugno 2018

Just had mine replaced today after a rock cracked the windshield. ~$1,300 for parts and labor at the Littleton, CO service center. The glass cost was only $930. A far cry from the high numbers reported a year ago.

garciajr913 | 26 giugno 2018

Hey how long does it take to replace the windshield do you get the car back that day day ?

colorczar | 10 luglio 2018

Does the presence of subzero package (wiper heaters on windshield) make a difference to the part number or the cost for windshield replacement/install?

Vawlkus | 11 luglio 2018

Doubt it col. that stuff is near the windshield, but not connected to it.

colorczar | 11 luglio 2018

It’s not obvious to me if there are different windshield part numbers to match specific car configurations (other than incremental revisions of a single configuration that represents the “latest”). My service advisor indicated he needed to order the specific windshield part to match the VIN (though from memory, the cold weather option isn’t exposed in the VIN). Happy to report back with part number downstream.

Vawlkus | 11 luglio 2018

Ah, that’s different. Initial Tesla windshields were occasionally prone to ‘ghosting’ issues. Newer cars have a slightly different windshield to help prevent that effect.

COrich | 11 luglio 2018

The windshield replacement will take several hours. We were given a loaner model X to use until it was done. All model X windshields should be the same.

tommyaros | 17 luglio 2018

San diego tesla shop does not do replacement , it is done my a outside glass company at the tesla shop $1200.

waynecheung.way... | 7 settembre 2018

@Blueskies I would definitely add the comprehensive for the windshield to the insurance. I recently have a chip on the windshield right on the mounting frame and it has been assessed that it cannot be repaired at that location so a full replacement is needed.

Triggerplz | 7 settembre 2018

@waynecheung I don't believe the OP is asking if they should add comprehensive they are wanting to know how much the deductible should be, plus that was 6 months ago I'm sure they have their MX and insurance in order by now..