Hang Out Thread

Hang Out Thread

This is the official BS hang out thread :) There are times you just want to talk, or say what is up, or just connect with other X owners on a level other than just the X. We used to do this on Silvers Referral thread, but that got flagged away, and I miss my space to BS with others and have some fun.

So come and enjoy and share your fun times with us all.

If there are several that think this is wasting space, please speak up and we can discuss removing it too. I don't want to create a problem with others that feel it should not be here, but as there are not 20 new posts each day on this X side (at least not yet) I didn't see the harm of having a hang out post.

Again, please if you think this should disappear, I will delete it. I just miss having places to not detract from others posts but yet connect with other owners and have fun :)

burdogg | 23 aprile 2019

@beaver - just checked and my online account still shows that I have free unlimited supercharging :)

jimglas | 23 aprile 2019

@Beaver: My MX still has FUSC, My P3D changed to pay per use SC

beaver | 23 aprile 2019

Thanks jimglas and burdogg, someone just posted in the 3 forum that they called and it’s a website glitch.

jimglas | 23 aprile 2019

FWIW: My P3D is now back to FUSC

jjgunn | 23 aprile 2019

FUSC on my MX - no reason for it to ever change unless I sell it.

ckcland2 | 10 maggio 2019

Hope everyone is doing well! Can anyone recommend an iphone holder? TIA

jimglas | 11 maggio 2019

I prefer using my left hand

Vawlkus | 13 maggio 2019

My pants pocket works the best for me.

vipinkamath | 13 maggio 2019

@ckcland2 check out

I used to love the magnetic ones (search Amazon for “magnetic phone holder”) for a clean look. But wireless charging has ruined that.

Triggerplz | 13 maggio 2019

Left handed Pocket pool? :-)

jjgunn | 13 maggio 2019

@Triggerplz - damnit...."beat" me to it.

Triggerplz | 14 maggio 2019

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ :-)

ckcland2 | 14 maggio 2019

thanks @vpin !

Silver2K | 21 agosto 2019


Triggerplz | 21 agosto 2019

Wow what up Silver how the hell u been?

Tropopause | 21 agosto 2019

What's this thread all about?

jimglas | 21 agosto 2019

hanging out

Triggerplz | 21 agosto 2019

Trop knows what’s this thread is all about he’s been here many times before

Silver2K | 22 agosto 2019

Everything good, trigz! You?


Triggerplz | 23 agosto 2019

It’s all good Silver football finally about to start YEEEEEEAAAAAA

Silver2K | 23 agosto 2019

Go Jets!! :)

Triggerplz | 24 agosto 2019

@Jets Awwww Hell Naw

Tropopause | 25 agosto 2019

I was just messing with you guys cause I haven't seen this thread in ages.

Tropopause | 25 agosto 2019

Where's Burdogg?

jjgunn | 25 agosto 2019

I was just thinking about Bishop Burrdogg. Hope he's doing well.

Triggerplz | 25 agosto 2019

I miss my buddy Burdogg even though his post are long as books and his Smurf car color is shitty looking :-)

Silver2K | 26 agosto 2019

Haha Smurf!

Go Jets go!!!

bob | 28 agosto 2019

I hate the close the door behind me and be damned anyone wanting in after me attitude. But the forms are my personal exception to that rule. I really miss the old gang.

Vawlkus | 29 agosto 2019

Yup. :(

burdogg | 29 agosto 2019

Hey gang... Been busy. Good to see everyone pop in. Life is good. Cars are still great. Kids getting older... cardinals are still.... yeah.

Hope you all are well... anyone know when this fsd is coming? Beginning to think I gave Tesla an extra 3,000 :) oh well

burdogg | 29 agosto 2019

Oh and my smurf car is still the best looking car

Triggerplz | 29 agosto 2019

O Boy see that y’all talked him up :-)
Good to hear from you Burdogg I’m glad all is well with you. I didn’t have to bring out the baby reading the book this time and I’ll never forget you going to the movies while your tire had a “fast” leak :-)

Triggerplz | 8 settembre 2019

@Silver Your Jets lost to the sorry Bills today WOW

jimglas | 8 settembre 2019

Speaking of the old gang
anybody seen mos or fish lately? | 8 settembre 2019

@jimglas - It does seem nicer here without them. Perhaps they were finally dumped by Tesla or those paying mos/fish found they were not getting any value for their money.

Tropopause | 10 settembre 2019

I think they were deported back to Russia. ;) | 10 settembre 2019

Sadly FISH is back in several threads today.

Silver2K | 10 settembre 2019

Damn jets! Their strength has always been the kicking game and this idiot blew 2 kicks!

I miss mos.. I really got under skin! It go so bad he blocked me. :)

I was messing with them hard and they hated it :)