Sound familiar?

Sound familiar?

To put the hate the Model 3 gets in perspective:

http://www.huracantalk .com/forums/general-discussion/379-21-nits-huracan-owner.html

TexasBob | 2 aprile 2018

great find. funny how familiar it sounds.

The Tesla forum folks could take a lesson: the owner was able to post this list of legitimate complaints about his $300,000 car and not be pilloried for "trolling" even once.

chadrchristensen79 | 2 aprile 2018
Bri | 2 aprile 2018

Thanks for the fixed link Chad.

What’s even more amazing is the lack of handwaving about Lambo’s bad design, inexcusable quality control etc. for allowing such flaws in a $300k car.

Xerogas | 2 aprile 2018 many do they deliver per week?

No cupholders! Brings me back to 2013 and the Model S forums :)

ReD eXiLe ms us | 2 aprile 2018

Legitimate complaints are fine. FUD is not welcome. There is a difference, both in content and delivery.