DIY Clear Bra Bumper Only

DIY Clear Bra Bumper Only

I'm thinking of applying a clear bra, bumper only on my new Model 3.
I simply can't afford another almost $900 for it to be done by a professional at this point.

Any recommendations on where and what to buy?


lilbean | 17 aprile 2018

It is a lot harder than it looks. I tried to put a headlight protector on one headlight and it was a complete disaster. I can't imagine doing the whole bumper. Where are you located? The place I go to charges about $500.

AzAmpEtr | 17 aprile 2018

Best film is SunTek Ultra or Xpel Ultimate. You REALLY are going to need a pre-cut kit to have any chance of getting a remotely good installation. A pre-cut bumper from one of those films will probably run you around $200? Having installed dozens of clear bras in my life and knowing many people who do it for a living, I think you’re highly underestimating the skill it takes to get an even acceptable result for someone who has never tried it before.

Also, if you’re just looking to do the front bumper, you should be able to get a decent installer to do it with one of the above mentioned films for around $300. I’ll do it for you if you live near Gilbert AZ. $900 would be more like a standard front install (bumper, mirrors, front of hood, front of fenders, and maybe headlights) from a pretty decent shop. If that’s what you’re looking for, the kit cost would be more around the $350 range.

This is one of those things that is seriously not worth it if you don’t know what you’re doing. You’ll probably be out $350 and end up with a wadded up piece of plastic. Or you’ll get something that you end up cutting pieces out of to fit and it ends up peeling and needing replaced after 6 months....

If you really want to try and are near Gilbert AZ, I’d be happy to get you a professional kit and you can try for yourself. But I wouldn’t recommend it. Take a few months and save up some money to have it installed right, or just skip it completely and put up with some rock chips (not the end of the world). A few rock chips are gonna look better than a first time clear bra install, I guarantee you that.

Either way you decide, let us know what you decided and how it goes.

mark1234 | 17 aprile 2018

Actually, I found a local shop to do It for half the other shop.

I'll go that route.
Thanks for the offer Jacobmdixon, but I'm in LA

lilbean | 17 aprile 2018

Mark, go to stickercity. They are awesome!

Yodrak. | 17 aprile 2018

Great post by Jacobmdixon.

badaman | 17 aprile 2018

@mark - I will be doing clear bra for front bumper and hood this friday. I bought two rolls of 3M Scotchgard Pro Series from ppfnow. com for $300 (24x 96 and 60x60)

Check it out !!!

AzAmpEtr | 18 aprile 2018

@mark definitely a good choice to go with an experienced installer.

@yodrak thanks!

@badaman oh my! Hood is probably doable (still not a good idea, but might not end up with a wad of plastic in the garbage). Can’t say the same about the bumper. You should seriously consider asking to exchange the film for a pre-cut kit. Poor model 3 is gonna end up with cuts all over the paint :(

Definitely recommend starting with the hood. What color is your car? Really hope for your sake that it’s not black.

Hope @mark and @badaman will both post pics of their cars when done so everyone can compare and see if it’s worth trying for yourself or not.

rajalucy | 18 aprile 2018

metrorestyling sells avery paint protection film and it will cost you around $30

matchoowh | 18 aprile 2018

@mark what shop did you go to? i take it LA means Los angeles vs. louisiana. If Los Angeles, let me know as I'm interested.

mark1234 | 18 aprile 2018

I'm going to stickercity in Sherman Oaks.
Bumper and full hood for about $900
2 most vulnerable spots.
I might experiment doing the sides myself.
@badaman, let us know how it goes.
I'm actually pretty good at stuff like this.

mark1234 | 18 aprile 2018

I'll probably experiment on our Nissan Leaf.

Asian_boy101 | 30 maggio 2018

you should try out 2mppf in HB. they can install it for you.
they will also sell you the cut film if you decide to try it yourself.

andrewlee05 | 30 maggio 2018

Anyone know a good installer in NY/CT area? Preferably near Manhattan/Westchester/Greenwich area. Thanks!

Maykinit | 20 giugno 2019

what andrewlee05 said...