Trunk light

Trunk light

It’s kinda embarrassing to ask but I haven’t gotten it to work and don’t know whether it’s broken or I’m just not seeing it...but how do you turn on the trunk light? When I open it, it’s just off, tried the dome light setting and other light settings but no luck. Any ideas?

EVRider | 27 aprile 2018

I don’t see any reference to a trunk light in the manual, and my Model S doesn’t have one (at least not that I’ve noticed). I’m not sure the Model 3 doesn’t have a trunk light, but it might not.

voss.ken | 27 aprile 2018

It goes on when you open the trunk but it is VERY VERY dim, if you are outside during the day you wont notice it, try checking at night

Wimpy ti | 27 aprile 2018

mine just automatically comes on, though its sort of dim

Seanderson | 27 aprile 2018

You can get better lighting for your trunk here: Fairly easy to install..

shadowsabre194 | 8 dicembre 2018

So funny thing about the trunk light! I too noticed mine weren't coming on so I popped the trim off around the light and the wires for the lights were not connected from the factory.
I just assumed there were no trunk lights until my wife (the primary driver of the vehicle) said she wished there were some.
Anyway, if yours don't work check it out, maybe they just weren't plugged in!

Resist | 9 dicembre 2018

shadowsabre194, this is yet another example of terrible quality control at Tesla. Got to love our American factory workers that put such great pride in their work.

gballant4570 | 9 dicembre 2018

Resist, are you a Troll? That might be a rhetorical question......

Lonestar10_1999 | 9 dicembre 2018

Verifying the trunk light should be another item to check on your walk through inspection at time of delivery.

Sunergy-NJ | 9 dicembre 2018

I found the trunk lights and glovebox and door puddle lights very dim also, but Abstract Ocean has some great, very bright replacement lights that are literally a snap to install. In fact their footwell lights are so much brighter I bought some inexpensive ($6) translucent red spray paint at Amazoncom and coated those lenses. Now they are still brighter than stock but with a red glow that matches the car exterior. Abstract Ocean lights are at Translucent polycarbonate red spray paint is at at

SalisburySam | 9 dicembre 2018

@sgrabs, yes, the Model 3 visible lighting is pretty dim, and especially so in the black trunk. Like @Sunergy-NJ, I replaced all 7 original lights (4 puddles 1/door, 2 in trunk, and 1 in glovebox) with a 7-pack I bought from Abstract Ocean. By the way, all 7 are identical and can be placed in any of those positions. The footwell lights are different but can also be replaced with brighter and different color options as desired. I chose to leave the original footwell lights but the other replacements are amazing. Makes getting into and out of the vehicle for all persons much safer at night, and you can now easily see in the trunk at night.

naikamit2787 | 10 dicembre 2019

Read the article and checked my trunk light, sure enough they weren't connected and I always thought Model 3 doesn't have trunk lights. What was strange was on the right side where there is a woofer, there is no wire to connect trunk light, only left side has wire!!!!

foodking | 10 dicembre 2019

I purchased the brighter lights from Abstract Ocean and only noticed one of the lights weren't lit when i went to replace it. Couldn't see a free wire for it with a flashlight. I already had a mobile service appointment scheduled for something else so when the guy came, i asked him about it. He took off all the trim, removed the carpet, found the wire for the light attached to some other ones. Said he's never seen it before. Now they both work and no issues seeing in the trunk except the compartment under the floor of the trunk

bp | 10 dicembre 2019

Thanks for bringing this up. I went out to check mine just now, and found neither working when I popped the trunk manually. Car was asleep and locked at the time. I pulled both lights, pulled the trim, checked the wires, disconnected and reconnected, nothing. Then checked puddle lights, all working (thereby waking the car...). Closed trunk, reopened trunk, trunk lights are working now. So it seems as though the trunk lights don’t illuminate when the car is locked, even when you pop the trunk. Anyone else confirm?

bp | 10 dicembre 2019

Too bad there is no forum edit function: corrections to the above:

Replace everywhere I said locked/unlocked with asleep/awake.

bp | 10 dicembre 2019

Confirmed: if car is asleep and I pop the trunk manually, no lights (but car is now awake). Close trunk and immediately reopen, lights. | 10 dicembre 2019

@bp - Thanks for the test. I've also noticed they turn off automatically after a period of time perhaps 1-2 minutes. This was a while ago, so I haven't retested it recently.

For the DIY, I also made a project to dramatically brighten the trunk area and provide more even illumination. More here with before and after photos:

ronbandel | 11 dicembre 2019

Glad I found this post. Didn't realize there were trunk lights. I went out and looked, there they were, not working. Popped the bulb out and there were no wires installed to connect them. Mobile service coming out next week. In the meantime I ordered the brighter bulbs from Abstract Ocean.

jrweiss98020 | 11 dicembre 2019

Both AbstractOcean and RPMTesla claim their lights are "the best". Has anyone compared them?

Varricks | 14 dicembre 2019

Haven't tried the name brands, but the eBay lights seem fine. And probably, what, about five time "brighter"? Now I just need to devise some clever lighting for the froot, and the rear basement. Because you know, holding a flashlight is just so twentieth-century.

bp | 14 dicembre 2019

I ordered the Abstract Ocean lights for the trunk, but they haven’t arrived yet. I’ll decide on the other lights once I’ve had the chance to compare. | 14 dicembre 2019

The Abstract Ocean lights are good but very blueish-white. Here's a DIY project to modify the LED modules, with a comparison of the DIY project, the Abstract Ocean, and the original Tesla:

The first photo shows all three modules photographed together at the same time. This was for the footwells, but it applies to any place the modules are used.

This is a different project from the trunk light project I wrote about earlier. Lots of ways to improve the trunk lighting!

Lonestar10_1999 | 14 dicembre 2019

I was considering upgrading the lights with brighter after market lights but I noticed that the brighter lights consumed more power. Is there any adverse impacts with higher wattage lights?

rehutton777 | 14 dicembre 2019

Strange - - after reading this I went out to the garage check my Model 3. Without waking the car, I opened the trunk, and the trunk lights came on, lighting the inside of the trunk nicely. Closed the trunk, and the car was awakened. But, the lights came on as soon as the trunk opened even though the car had been asleep. Is this unusual? | 14 dicembre 2019

@Lonestar10 - Improved lights have negligible effect on the range. Consider these are rarely on for more than a minute. Even then, power for two lights is less than 2 watts. So if you could leave them on for 100 hours or so, you might lose 1 mile of range.

@rehutton - The phone key may have awakened the car. Also if you have Sentry mode on, the car never sleeps.

Lonestar10_1999 | 14 dicembre 2019

TeslaTap, I know for traction power the higher power led lights are a negligible drain on range. I was wondering if perhaps there are M3 internal diagnostics that could misinterpret the higher current draw of the after market lights as a damaged circuit and trigger an error or warning message.

rehutton777 | 14 dicembre 2019

TT: Sentry mode was off, and of course I had to have my phone on my person to open the trunk. If I'd left my phone in the house, the trunk would not have even opened when I pressed the "trunk-open" latch. How did BP (above) open his trunk manually when his car was asleep - - with no lights coming on?

bp | 18 dicembre 2019

Abstract Ocean lights subbed today and went in. Much brighter than OEM, but otherwise appear identical. Slight PITA to swap (pull trim, make sure the snap plates are aligned correctly, and be prepared to contort into the trunk), but worth it.