1000 mile range

1000 mile range

Wow 1000 mile range Tec hope Elon is looking into this Tec to put I into the models to get 1000 miles pluse

Remnant | 8 giugno 2014

Because the combo aluminum-plus-water is consumed in the process, at the end of the traveled 1000 miles, one would have to trade it in for a new or aluminum-replenished "battery."

In effect, this combo is just a power plant used to recharge your Lithium-ion battery on the go, during the longer trips. It has the merit of being clean (no emissions) and potentially inexpensive (1 kg of aluminum is said to cost only $1.1), but the actual cost of the Phinergy aluminum-air product does not seem to be available yet.

Jolinar | 8 giugno 2014

they say in the video that 1kg of aluminum contains 8kWh of energy! Holy Moly... If I assume that aluminum is only half weight of the "battery", than it has energy density ~30x higher than battery in Tesla Model S. That would be really nice energy storage for renevable energy sector and range extenders for EVs...

Disadvantage is that power density is poor, so it is fine to be used as range extender (even 20kW of continuous power enables nice traveling speed around 60mph on flat surface), but not as a main driving power without classic battery.