120V 20AMP outlet on A Tesla

120V 20AMP outlet on A Tesla

Tesla, if you are listening, we need a 120V 20AMP outlet in our Tesla. Make it standard equipment or I would pay To have one on my Tesla. Here are some suggestions for the outlet:

1.Use the Tesla to charge another Tesla in an emergency. When you are stranded, send a distress signal on
Giant screen to all the Teslas nearby, then the Tesla can be charged by 120V 20AMP outlet, even though it is slow, It’s better than waiting for a tow truck if you are not far from a super charger.

2.Use your Tesla as an emergency power source if you have a power outage at home, granted you cannot power the
Whole house, but you can use it to power the critical appliances like the refrigerator, cooking stove and lights. With 85+ KWH, you can power your house for a few days.

3.Use your Tesla as a portable power station during camping, tailgate party and construction. This will spawned whole new industry to make portable cooking appliances, heaters and tools. This will eliminate many gasoline powered tools and power generators.

here are only few ideas I came up with, I’m sure there are many other uses for the portable power house. If you can Think of others, please chime in.

DTsea | 19 ottobre 2015

Tesla has made it VERY CLEAR that they dont want to or plan to do this.

Especially for the people who just use superchargers... many think that people would power their home from their car.

Rocky_H | 19 ottobre 2015

@DTsea, I get that objection from people wanting to be able to do a fast DC power transfer/output. I don't think that would be an issue with a single 120V 20A outlet, because you wouldn't be able to power much of a house from one low power outlet like that.

DTsea | 19 ottobre 2015

I agree Rocky, but Tesla seems uninterested.

Rocky_H | 19 ottobre 2015

Well yes, I agree that they don't seem to have any intention of doing it. I just don't see very good reasons not to do it on a small level like that.

negarholger | 19 ottobre 2015

Rocky - Tesla plans to sell you a home battery and a car battery.

Rocky_H | 20 ottobre 2015

@Kleist, that home battery isn't something you can really detach to bring with you on a camping trip. That's the purpose we're talking about, not running a house from the car.

carlgo | 20 ottobre 2015

Tesla and the idiotic fear of too much SC use...good grief. Stop it. People are going to drive miles to a Supercharger and sit there for who knows how long to completely charge the battery and then drive home to run the refrigerator? Then make sure there is enough juice in the battery to make it back to the SC and sit there for an hour or more, then drive back before the ice cream melts? And do this over and over? And if the SC is close enough to your house to make this even a teensy bit likely, what are the chances it too won't have power?

In fact it would, like Cochise and Rocky say, be a selling point for the car, saving your $1500 Kobe roast for the big client dinner. Or run a little fridge at the campground so you can have an absinth service. This whole subject is embarrassing to Tesla IMO and should never be spoken of again.

Rocky_H | 20 ottobre 2015

Having a decently functional 120V outlet would be a good selling point on any car. It's just that electric ones are the only close to efficient ones that can do it because they don't have to idle a gas engine to make it work. I'm actually surprised none of the other electric cars have beaten Tesla to the punch on this. But I guess the others have such small battery capacity that they figure people wouldn't want to use some of their precious driving distance to use that feature.

sosmerc | 20 ottobre 2015

I think it's a reasonable idea and would be especially nice when they introduce their Model T (truck).

cochise | 20 ottobre 2015

The idea of using the SC to charge the Tesla to power the house is ludicrous at best (sorry for the punt). If you can affort to buy a $100K car, you can affort the electricy. The 120V outage is for short time use only during a power outage, so people will not use a gas power generator to power the house, which polutes more than a car.

sosmerc | 20 ottobre 2015

Just to be clear, I was not suggesting that the 120V ac outlet was to be used for anything other than providing a convenient way to power accessories while out on the road camping or on a jobsite, etc.
Abuse of supercharger stations is to be avoided as currently it is an awesome feature that Tesla offers to make long distance traveling convenient and attractive for Tesla owners that have paid for the privilege.

risquared | 21 ottobre 2015

Locals should charge their Tesla cars at home not at the local SC.
So Tesla can kill 2 birds with one stone by prohibiting locals to charge locally. This is extreme but I see it coming for number of other reasons mainly when Teslas on the road start doubling every year and locals keep "forgetting" their cars hooked for many hours.

Last but not least the hypothetical guy who charges at the SC and drives back home to power it up with stolen energy will be working for $5.10 per hour. Better go flipping hamburgers at $10 per hour.

risquared | 21 ottobre 2015

Good idea in general.
If Tesla doesn't do it I guess some techies can do it.
Relatively easy since every solar inverter does exactly that. They come in different sizes so one can easily go beyond OP's proposed power.
The trick is to get to the high voltage bus of the Tesla and not getting killed in the process. So don't try this at home unless you know what you are doing. Even than it is likely to lose your warranty from Tesla. Still if anyone manages to do it I'm curious to hear how.

Red Sage ca us | 22 ottobre 2015

I believe Tesla Motors sees certain applications touted by traditional automobile manufacturers for electric vehicles as ineffective gimmickry and have decided to avoid them until such time as they have reached their primary goal. So, certain technologies are not available just yet, and are/will be low priority until they can be used in a manner that has a real benefit. These include solar panels on the roof, head up display units, night vision displays, lighted vanity mirrors, map pockets, storage bins, cup holders, coat hooks, and power outlets.

VIA Motors Power Export Panel

Consumer Reports -- Can a pint-sized power inverter replace a generator?

wmfoster2001 | 22 ottobre 2015

The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV has a 1500W 100V inverter for use in the Japan / European markets. Unfortunately not available in Australia yet.

They are also investigating Vehicle to Grid/Home for running your homes in Emergencies using the CHAdeMO plug to allow the 12KWH battery to run fridges etc. for hours.


Ross1 | 23 ottobre 2015

It is AC current that is required. I don't imagine any ICE car can invert enough power to run a camp setup or a few power tools on the job.

Could be a good salient feature.

240 volts out here though.

Timo | 23 ottobre 2015

Depends how you define a car and what is connected to drive shaft.

bryan.whitton | 24 ottobre 2015

Personally I would rather that Tesla spend it's engineering talent and time on the Model 3. This feature could service a few but the Model 3 would make my stock value improve dramatically.