17 and I just bought my first TSLA stocks

17 and I just bought my first TSLA stocks

I'm 17 and I have been saving almost a $1000 to put into Tesla once I saw a buying opportunity. Even if the stock goes below $130 in the short term it is evident that Tesla will be an amazing long term stock. Can't wait to see what the future holds!

Captain_Zap | 12 novembre 2013

Who knows all the places we'll go!

Have you read the book "One Up On Wall Street" by Peter Lynch? It was an inspiration to me when I was about your age. Good insights that apply to this day.

gary.greene | 12 novembre 2013

Congratulations. Hang on for the ride!

bradslee | 12 novembre 2013

When you turn to 21, don't forget to come back to tell us how much your $1000 investment in TSLA is worth.

Captain_Zap | 12 novembre 2013

Don't do what I did. (Insert finger wagging.) I sold Microsoft 10 years too early. I thought I did great! I bought what was then my dream car with the stock I sold. I could have an island with a yacht and a car in each hemisphere right if I had more vision back then. From opportunity cost to opportunity lost.

mrspaghetti | 13 novembre 2013

Hope you're right, but recognize you could always be wrong. Learn about hedging and you'll be way ahead of the game.

jjs | 13 novembre 2013

Put your tray table up in it's upright and locked position. This is going to be a bumpy ride.

I hope you like roller coasters. :)

I hope you do well and if this stock takes off please heed Captain_Zap's hard earned advice. Don't sell too early. I have a seasoned professional investment advisor who I think is great. He has told me one of the biggest mistakes investors make is to sell too early.

As for mrspaghetti, he is also correct, but hedging, while mitigating risk, also often limits profits.

Chose wisely.

Best of luck.

Brian H | 13 novembre 2013

A "$grand" adventure.

Jamon | 13 novembre 2013

OTOH - Baron Rothschild once said “I made my fortune by selling too early”.

You can ask 10 different people and come away with 12 different opinions on how to invest.

My simple rule for TSLA: Hold until Elon is no longer calling the shots.

howard | 13 novembre 2013

I invested in Tesla when I was 15 and was able to buy my model s at 17. good luck/