19" black/machined turbine wheels

19" black/machined turbine wheels

What do you think?

Model S Perf Plus expected end Sept.

xradr | 13 settembre 2013

I like these! Are they available somewhere?

mumanoff | 13 settembre 2013 they come in 19s?

AnalysiZ | 13 settembre 2013

I think these are the RIAL Lugano Wheels
They have been discussed before, I really like them to.
check for English, Wheels en then you also have the choice for Silver. In that case they look like 19" versions of the Original 21" Tesla wheels.....

I haven't decided though, because I also found these on a norwegian Forum:,8788.0.html
schroll down, you'll see a picture of Polar Wheels. These are IMO a bit more elegant....

Gr. John

AnalysiZ | 13 settembre 2013

Here you will see picture comparing the Rial to the 21" Tesla Wheel.

Good luck!

SheldonCooper | 13 settembre 2013

Agree the Polars a bit more elegant, the black RIAL Luganos bring a bit more playful excitement to a very elegant body, I think. The machined portion (otherwise black) reflects the chrome accents of the body (vs all black and all grey on the 21") so a nice contrast tot the grey 21”'s.

Persoannly didn't want to simply repeat the 21" in 19"'s. spending so much, why not a little variety for the winter?!