19s or 21s for New England

19s or 21s for New England

Another option I'm weighing. I love the looks of the 21s, but i fear the summer/low profile sport tires mixed with the potholes and sometimes very messy winters in the greater Boston area might be a bad mix. Opinions and experiences welcome!! | 1 agosto 2013

I went with both & switch out to 19s from October to May (live in Denver)

JaneW | 1 agosto 2013

I will get 19s for snow tires come October, also. The sticky tires on the 21s are a blast to drive, though they don't last well.

markhanso | 1 agosto 2013

P85 and we have 19" for Boston (south shore).

Been more than enough to have fun with especially as it is now also the primary family car.

Snow is the the big issue. Pot holes and never ending road construction winter and summer is.

Maserati Gran Turismo - blew 4 ties and one rim in first year on 21's, before permanently switching to 19" snow tires year round. Virtually no difference in every day driving.

During delivery in Watertown we saw plenty of cars with 21's but I wonder if they are city cars. Most all of the one in our area have 19's.

Eknight47 | 1 agosto 2013

Yeah, as much as I love the looks the looks of the 21s, I'm thinking that they're just not too practical up here. Even in the summer I run over "hidden" potholes in my QX56 that make me cringe and think I may have broken something.

Brian H | 1 agosto 2013

Snow isn't the big issue. (..?..)