2 rows of seats?

2 rows of seats?

Any talk of just 2 rows of seats? I have no use for a 3rd row of seats. With the Falcon doors, an open cargo space would make it perfect for transporting bikes.

mwenn1 | 16 gennaio 2015

I remember hearing awhile back the 3rd row seats were optional

Brian H | 16 gennaio 2015

Multiple posts on the same topic is ignorant and arrogant.

vandacca | 16 gennaio 2015

Not to mention repetitive and redundant.

Red Sage ca us | 16 gennaio 2015

Reduce, reuse, and recycle repugnant regurgitated remarks.

jjs | 16 gennaio 2015

I'm sorry I missed this the first 3 times. What's this about? Wait let me sit down first, second and......

beeee2 | 16 gennaio 2015

To those of you who were ugly enough to post sarcastic remarks, this was my first time posting and I accidentally hit
submit twice. I apologize for that. Now crawl back into your holes. I won't be posting any more You can all rest peacefully tonight.

jjs | 16 gennaio 2015

@beee2 - Didn't mean to offend. Don't take it personally. Some of us just like to have some fun. Others are a bit hard, but overall we are and odd eclectic but well meaning bunch.

Anyway, I'll crawl back into my hole now. :)

David Trushin | 16 gennaio 2015

Don't take it personally. They do this to everyone. Pbendo even does it to himself from a different name.

jjs | 16 gennaio 2015

How do we even know that's really you David, I mean Pbendo!

jjs | 16 gennaio 2015

O, darn.....I was supposed to be in my hole. Sorry

Brian H | 17 gennaio 2015

Hitting "Submit" twice is almost impossible here. It disables and then clears after the first.

vandacca | 18 gennaio 2015

I think you can hit submit, back, and submit again.

Red Sage ca us | 18 gennaio 2015

Some of us even do it to ourselves. We know the Forum software is wonky. And sometimes it fun to point that out too.

Be welcome, but forewarned: Tesla Motors has 95% of the techie smarty-pants online market sewn up!

Brian H | 18 gennaio 2015

Why would you hit 'back'? Pointless.

helge-la | 18 gennaio 2015

An interesting topic ends up in a hole. Puhhh.

vandacca | 19 gennaio 2015

@Brian H, I always hit back (Command+Left.Arrow) after finishing a thread to get back to the Main Discussions page. I'm primarily a keyboard user (rather than mouse) so I use many keyboard short cuts rather than scrolling back to the top of the page and selecting the "Back to Tesla Model X Discussion" button.

On my first post, I hit SUBMIT twice too, thinking that I could (possibly) fix my grammatical mistake and over-write my previous post. Instead I got a duplicate posting, as I half-expected. No harm in trying? :)

So, now after a I make a post, I hit the "back" twice to get to the main Model-X discussion page.

Brian H | 19 gennaio 2015

Extremely inefficient. Open all new-flagged topics in separate tabs, then proceed through them, closing each as you finish it.

vandacca | 19 gennaio 2015

@Brian_H, that's a good option too. I usually open links in external tabs, but opening threads in external tabs would probably be just as good. I'll try both ways and see which I like. Thanks for the recommendation.

Guy2095 | 19 gennaio 2015

Oh gaaahhhhh, Brian H. and I approach something the same way, very unsettling.

Brian H | 19 gennaio 2015

An external link goes in Next Tab, which is closed when finished, and I return to the originating Topic. | 20 gennaio 2015

Wait a minute. Forum following is a way to kill time. Optimizing Forum following is therefore oxymoronic. This thread in particular stands out as a wonderful way to kill time while contemplating the eventual arrival of the Model X with two or three rows of seats: buyer's choice.