Actual Road Trip Experiences.

Actual Road Trip Experiences.

I am planning a trip from Carmel Ca to Paso Robles via CA Hwy 1. I would be interested in hearing from Model S owners who have actually made the trip. Is it possible to reach Atascadero (the closest Super Charging station to Paso Robles and the Far Out wineries) on a full 85kwh charge? Hwy 1 through Big Sur has many fairly steep hills with lots of hairpin turns. The road from CA Hwy 1 over to US 101 has a long steep grade over the coastal mountains.

james.ruhmel | 1 settembre 2013

I would like to hear how it goes , I
Expect delivery of my car October then I
Plan to do a trip up there . Keep us posted!

Tâm | 2 settembre 2013


I have never gone that route, but by looking at google map,

Carmel,CA via CA1 to Atascadero Supercharger = 128 miles

Atascadero Supercharger -> Pas Robles = 12.7 miles.

That route is well within your 265 rated mile 85kWh battery pack range despite of all adverse environments such as steep hills & turns...

Good luck!

MichaelN | 2 settembre 2013

Keep in mind the regen - it does take more to climb the hills but the ride down the other side gives you some back - planning a similar trip in the reverse - please post how it goes - good luck

negarholger | 2 settembre 2013

Folks have done the trip down 1 - use | 25 settembre 2013

I just completed my first real road trip, Carmel CA to Paso Robles/Atascadero via CA Hwy 1. This is a really fun drive, lots of hairpin turns, steep grades and outstanding Big Sur scenery. The car (MS85) performed flawlessly, and the Pano roof really lets you experience the beauty of California's Central Coast. I charged the car to 100% prior to departing and drove at speeds that were well within the handling capabilities car. When I arrived in Atascadero the car had a remaining rated range of 144 miles. Plenty of margin. The Atascadero Super Charging station is easily located and only 1 of the 8 stalls was in use when I arrived at around 3 pm. One of the charging stalls is a head in arrangement, the remaining seven require you to back in. The chargers were pretty zippy, I stopped charging when my rated range reached 270 miles. The Denys is on the same side of the street as the chargers. Several very nice people stopped to ask me questions about the car (primarily about it's range). I drove back via US101, next time I will come back via CA hwy 1.

mrspaghetti | 25 settembre 2013

And now you know that you don't need a range charge for that trip.

Sounds like fun :)

negarholger | 25 settembre 2013

And the funny thing with 144 rated miles left you haven't used half of the battery. It takes awhile to realize it...

William9 | 26 settembre 2013

Just did the trip last week and did a range charge in Pebble Beach. Made it all the way to Buelton, with about 40 mies of range left. Hills mean nothing as the speed until you get to Morro Bay is under 55mph. Great drive. | 26 settembre 2013

Each owner has their own comfort level when it comes to range margin for a new road trip, especially for we new owners. As I gain more experience with my car I expect my planned margin requirements will go down. I do like to have enough margin to allow spontaneous side trips. It would be nice to have one thread dedicated to peoples road trip experiences. Thanks for the comments.

rgreenway | 27 settembre 2013

Took my S85 to Dover Delaware from home in North Jersey. Used the Superchargers in Newark, DE on the way down. They are at the Delaware welcome center (rest stop) on I95. After a Cappuccino and snack, about 20 minutes, went back to the car - fully charged.

Drove it to Dover, DE, about 50 miles and back to the SC. Still had enough power to drive home w/o charing, but since the SC's were open, plugged in for a few minutes. Range remaining increases at 190 mi/hr. Sitting in the car checking email on my iPhone was fun watching the range increase by a mile every 20 seconds or so!

Now planning a trip next week to Massachusetts with stops at SC in Connecticut. Staying at am Omni hotel in Providence that has a 240v outlet in their valet parking area that they let EV drivers use. No range anxiety here!

Next spring will dive it to Merlefest in Wilksboro, NC. By then the SC in Richmond should be on line, as should a couple in NC.

BTW, got about 7,000 miles on the car, and it is flawless!

Newampster | 29 settembre 2013

I just completed my fourth road trip. This was 420 miles RT, NH to Montreal. A 2 hour stop at a Nissan dealer took away range anxiety, important when crossing the border and loosing internet to find charging locations in Canada. Charged at Sheraton Centre, downtown. Beautiful return trip with fall foliage colors in Vermont.
I plan to ship my MS to AZ for the winter and hopefully drive back east in the spring, using the newly installed superchargers. Perhaps on Elon's route.
The MS is designed to be driven. Road trips are great fun and charging issues add to the adventure.

studiojon | 30 settembre 2013

I just drove from Culver City, CA to the factory in Fremont so I can take the factory tour tomorrow.

Went up the 101 freeway and will be coming back on the 5. Started out in Culver City at 236 miles range. charged up in Buellton with 50 miles remaining. Then Atascadero with 100 remaining. Did a range charge there and then bypassed Gilroy and went straight to supercharger at the factory. Topped it up late tonight so it will be charged tomorrow and I won't have to fight for a space.

I LOVE this car and the road trip capabilities are awesome. Never had any kind of anxiety at all. Range always seems to surprise in a positive way.

Fastest charging occurs until you have put back about 180-190 miles total range. After that it is definitely diminishing returns as far as speed is concerned. My peak charging speed was 377 miles per hour. Slowest was 188. I was never sharing with another car on the same supercharger circuit.

Love the whole experience.