Age and Interior Choice? Wood, Carbon Fiber, Piano Black?

Age and Interior Choice? Wood, Carbon Fiber, Piano Black?

I am about to order the performance version and I am torn between ordering the carbon interior vs a wood interior. I know I want the tan leather at least. Advice I have received thus far is that wood tends to be for an older generation yet a bit more luxury where as the carbon fiber is younger and sportier yet not as luxurious. I am curious what others are ordering. Please share your age, interior and if you are ordering the performance model. Also feel free to share your thoughts on the subject in general. I am interested to see if there is a trend on age and interior.

blue performance tan 21 silver wheels tech pkg.

vouteb | 14 dicembre 2012


(Very) wishful thinking

DeborahS | 14 dicembre 2012

60 female, pearl white, tan interior, obeche matte, tech, air, 85kwh | 15 dicembre 2012

55 yr old male, blue performance, black interior, Obeche Gloss

Mocaptain | 15 dicembre 2012

just signed the paperwork. Final choice: Performance, Blue, Tan, Carbon Fiber, 21 Silver Wheels, Tech, Twin Charger, Sound Package, no spoiler.

A special thanks to Sean Lafond at corporate and the Natick MA team...they spent a lot time with me today. The true Tesla difference.

rterry | 16 dicembre 2012

58 male
silver performance with silver 21 wheels, black interior with CF, no spoiler, no pano

DallasElectric | 16 dicembre 2012

I'm in the ordering process. So far I have Blue Perf, grey interior, 21" Wheels (but still deciding between grey vs silver). Matte obeche vs. lacewood (still deciding).

Thanks for the tip on avoiding the GLOSS obeche. I'm in Dallas and the nearest store is in Houston, which I visited over 6 months ago and can't recall all the details of the options. So I would appreciate your pics. My email is: Do you have any thoughts on the 21" grey vs. silver wheels?

dmizock | 16 dicembre 2012

64 Male, P5981
Silver Performance, gray leather, obeche matte, silver 21's, pano, tech, sound, eom dely!

bubbletips | 16 dicembre 2012

Hi Austin. I would also appreciate your pics of the tan interior with obeche matte. I'm at

I'm 38. Planning for a blue 60kwh, tech, air, sound upgrades.

Lou in SoCal | 17 dicembre 2012

34, 60 kWh, white ext, black leather, obeche matte, pano.

Have a CLS AMG now with matte wood. I think the matte is a great contrast to the 17" screen.

LorenS | 19 dicembre 2012

47. dark grey, obeche gloss, black leather, non perf. standard wheels, tech and sound package.

roaldarne | 12 ottobre 2013

32yo male. Brown. 19" tyres. Black leather seats. Matte abachi wood.

Tech-, paking sensor-, audio- & winter pack.

Totto | 12 ottobre 2013

57 years young. 85 P +. MC Red with black leather and piano black interior

JPPTM | 12 ottobre 2013

59yo with S85 MC red (solid color roof), black leather, and obeche gloss interior--really nice. 19" rims.

AmyOo | 12 ottobre 2013

54 but feel younger than ever, MC red, tan leather, and obeche gloss. Last minute color change to go with what I wanted instead of what everyone else told me to get. Couldn't be happier.

jcaspar1 | 12 ottobre 2013

MC Red/Tan/Carbon 49 yo

Wife's last choice in color was red. I told her sorry...

gdos1 | 12 ottobre 2013

Young 78!
Just changed my order from Metallic Silver to RED. I have a Silver Lexus and wanted something different. The chrome wheels and other features do not stand out on the Silver (boring) as they do on the RED. Ordered 85 kWH S, Black Nappa Leather seats and loaded with most other options.

ollie | 12 ottobre 2013

35 yo male - P85+ / Metallic Blue with Black Interior / silver wheels / pano roof / tech / sound / performance seats (love the red piping) / carbon fiber / parking sensors / extended napa leather / alcantara headliner

With Performance Plus, I think the CF is congruent with the car's abilities.

AmpedRealtor | 12 ottobre 2013

44 yo male: black performance leather w/ CF trim

ggbjr | 12 ottobre 2013

38yo male: brown 60, tan, obeche matte, pano, tech, parking

MacDaddyDude | 12 ottobre 2013

Early 50's, married 26 years, confirmed on our anniversary (how sweet is that?), always loved wood but went with piano black, tan leather, brown exterior, 85, tech, fog, suspension, parking, winter, no pano, and HPWC.

Paul Curtis | 12 ottobre 2013

66 male: grey/grey,P85 every option but spoiler and rear seats.CF looks good and is most consistent with hi tech nature of the car. Picked it up today!! Whole family overwhelmed with the whole package!
Aero wheels look great with this finish and are so different from everything else you see.

Roamer@AZ USA | 12 ottobre 2013

Wife age 57, S85' red, gray leather, lacewood
Me age 58, P85+, dark grey! gray leather! gray turbine wheels and CF dash trim.
Brother 60, P85, white, tan leather, not sure the trim.

To each his or her own. They all work.

SarahsDad | 12 ottobre 2013

Mid 50's, P85+, Black, Black Interior, Carbon Fiber. I really like the CF look - sporty look with a direct light, but more classy diffuse matte look with indirect light. Hard to explain - see photos.