Amazing Interview With Consumer Reports Staff

Amazing Interview With Consumer Reports Staff

20 minutes of staff conversation about the S. It simply does not get any better than this. All three of the reviewers would buy one. They do a great job of describing how TM questioned everything and rewrote the book on car design. One of the best 20 minutes on video. Enjoy.

herkimer | 10 maggio 2013

Wow that is awesome. Thanks P Dave!

ian | 10 maggio 2013

Awesome indeed. Thanks for sharing Dave!

Brian H | 10 maggio 2013

They have a full appreciation of the TM push to improve the state of the art, and essentially say TM is the only company doing it right. Each would buy the car "in a heartbeat" if they could afford it. And make the point that other EVs have an EV premium on the price vs. similar ICE cars, whereas the MS is directly equivalent to its competitors cost-wise (and they don't even take future gas cost savings into account).

CR does a rave review! Amazing.

Jewsh | 10 maggio 2013

Given that CR generally offers only clinical, detached reviews this is totally unheard of. Well done, Tesla.

riceuguy | 10 maggio 2013

Agreed...same thing with the long-term road test. They are normally stoic, but seem gleeful about the Model S!

Velo1 | 10 maggio 2013

CR did a great review; however, it would have been nice to have them discuss the long-term savings (fuel costs, no oil changes, no engine parts to break, etc.). Plus, the Fed and some State tax credits help make it more affordable for some buyers. Nevertheless, this was one hell of an endorsement for Tesla.

Plus, our local news did a short segment last night (Denver 9 News) on CR's 99 rating. Today I had 3 different people walk up to ask about the Model S after I parked at off-site business meeting. Fortunately, I had an extra 20 minutes to give to Tesla Time, and I gave out brochures to everyone. They were all so happy for me. I feel like a proud Poppa, well I am. Great time to be with Team Tesla.

Brian H | 10 maggio 2013

I got the drift near the end that CR staff is going to be reviewing ICE cars with a jaundiced eye from now on. LOL

gary.greene | 10 maggio 2013

Didn't notice any negative comments made about cup holders, vanity mirror lighting, handles for hanging dry cleaning, sparse interior, blah, blah, blah. Hey naysayers, are we finally past all of this?! Elon set out not to make the best electric car but the best car ever. 99/100, best care ever tested by Consumer Reports, Motor Trend Car of the Year 2013, Green Car of the Year. I don't want to see any more blogs about what's wrong with this car! Loved Model S first time I saw it, more so after I researched it, even more so after I took delivery, and more so now. Tesla rocks!!! Move

jackhub | 10 maggio 2013

Wonder how much this interview coupled with the finance plan will influence the market?

jk2014 | 10 maggio 2013

Any plateauing demand questions should be put to bed in the next couple months. Late summer, I bet another big surprise announcement on adding another shift. Sold out (at current production rate) through 2014.

Each quarter will revise number of MSs expect to sell by year end. 22K at Q2 call. 23k at Q3 call. And finally report 24k sold in fy2013 call. Perfect set up for announcing the production MX and year of reservation build before production.

deeptesla | 10 maggio 2013

@velo1 +1

I know have people approaching me and congratulating me on buying a 99/100 car. Just endorses what we have all believed in and experience every day.

HenryT2 | 11 maggio 2013

If you read the WSJ, you'd think Consumer Reports gave it high marks reluctantly and is still on the fence about it. Typical Newscorp right-wing propaganda.

First, the story talks about some stupid metaphor about mixed messages before the actually mention the 99/100 score. Then, they close the story saying that Consumer Reports doesn't recommend the car.

I don't think Fox News has actually mentioned the report at all. I think they're still trying to figure out how to put a negative spin on it.

Pungoteague_Dave | 11 maggio 2013

No need to politicize this. There are plenty of conservative Model S owners out there

herkimer | 11 maggio 2013

Fox News and WSJ are the ones doing the politicizing, that's their mission in life.

AlMc | 11 maggio 2013

+1 Puntoteague.....I do not watch Fox, but consider my self a 'leaning right/conservative'. Minds will change because of the quality of a product or service despite the media spin, be it right or left.

jk2014 | 11 maggio 2013

You're either trying making money on the way down, or trying making money on the way up.

Only two parties in this game...

HenryT2 | 12 maggio 2013

@Janet Hubert: It's not the conservatives that I'm criticizing for politicizing, it's the conservative media. If you are a conservative, you CAN'T have missed how negative conservative media outlets are on Tesla and how often Tesla is often confused with Fisker. If you are a conservative who can filter out that noise, good for you, but it IS out there.

@BrianH: I noticed that story, but regular fox news doesn't seem to have covered it at all. I haven't watched any Fox Business, but I think they are less prone to "politicizing" when money is involved. They have to explain why a stock went up.

carlk | 12 maggio 2013

I think conservatives and especially conservative stock investors screwed up on this one big time. I have been long on TSLA stock because I liked the product without any regards to politics of EV, green car or standing of current administration. That's the reason why I really like the stock market. You make money when you're right and lose money when you're not. No amount of BS can change that.