Anyone having trouble with Slacker recently?

Anyone having trouble with Slacker recently?

For the last 2 days, the best feature on Slacker isn't doing its thing. I use the voice command and ask to play a certain song, it prompts me to that particular song but it doesn't play that exact song. It'll play a different song from the same artist. I've saved several songs on my Favorites and before, every time I would go to that song, it would play that exact song first. Now it plays a different song. For example, I added "Dance with my Father" by Luther Vandross onto my Favorites, so it would show up as "Dance with my Father Radio". So every time I choose that selection, it would play that song first. Since yesterday, when I choose the same selection, it would play a different song.

Has anyone experience this lately?

Robert22 | 19 maggio 2013

Slacker has definitely lost functionality. For three months the service nailed 95+% of requested songs on the first hit. Licensing issues like the Beatles catalog etc. were infrequent and easy to identify. The same ten songs I had no problem requesting for months have suddenly become unobtainable. Licensing issues? Perhaps, but I doubt it. I was given a P85 loaner recently and it was like old times. The songs I couldn't pull up on my car anymore all loaded immediately upon request, repeatedly, for the two days I had the car. My car was returned and Slacker is again stupid. Stsy tuned, there's more to this story.

riceuguy | 19 maggio 2013

Robert, I had the issues but they did in fact go away, and good times are here again. This is definitely a narrower problem than it was and is not an issue with all cars like it was.

Jeff and Randy | 20 maggio 2013

I do hope they are still working on it. I posted about it because the last posts indicated the issues were fixed, so when we got ours I thought it would be working and I wanted to let everyone know that on ours with version 4.5 it's still broken (or re-broken).

mikeadams | 20 maggio 2013

Would like to be able to play Sail by AWOLNation again. Cool song. It finds it in a search. But I select it and something entirely different plays that isn't even the same artist.

Chunky Jr. | 20 maggio 2013

I don't think Slacker has been able to play more than 2 or 3 songs in a row w/o it dropping out like crazy. I can't tell if the problem is Slacker, a horrible cell modem in the S, or AT&T's lousy network. Or a combination of the three.

TikiMan | 20 maggio 2013

I have been noticing that after a phone call, Slacker gets stuck on the same graphic, while playing different songs. I usually have to change stations in order to un-freeze the graphic. A few days ago, it got stuck, and it wouldn't allow me any control access, and I had to reboot.

Hopefully 4.5 will fix some of these issues.