Are new Tesla charging stations being built presently?

Are new Tesla charging stations being built presently?

I see very nice maps of where charging stations are supposed to be built. However, I see that the same completed stations and have not seen any new completed stations on the map.
Do you know if new stations are actually being built and completed?

gtj | 30 ottobre 2013

I have the same concerns and wish Tesla would update the information on their web sites. Everything seems very stale at this point.

Captain_Zap | 30 ottobre 2013

When they activate they will show up on your 17" screen.

hungtt | 30 ottobre 2013

I think short term solution for long distant travel for an electric car is to develop a rental tow behind charging trailer. Similar to a Chevy Volt with only the charging parts.

David N | 30 ottobre 2013

You need to check out Elon's tweet earlier today. West coast corridor is completed, Tijuana to Vancouver.
Tesla is sending out cars to do the trip with publicity in tow. If you spot the car, snap a picture of it, post it with the #DriveFree hashtag and Tesla will send you a T-Shirt.
East Coast to be completed in a few months.

Blueshift | 31 ottobre 2013

Yes. New supercharging stations are being built presently.

See this thread/map:

Brian H | 31 ottobre 2013

Never gonna happen.

Ouija | 1 novembre 2013

Springfield, Oregon was the "golden spike" for the West Coast corridor, and it went online 10/25. I'll be there tomorrow morning for the celebration as the caravan stops off on their way to Vancouver from San Diego.

Leroy | 1 novembre 2013

The I95 corridor is being built out. Glen Allen, just north of Richmond Va. opened last week with I believe about 6 charging bays. Just visited it two days ago and talked to one Model S owner who has been using it daily. Only about 2 miles off of I95. So TESLA is making progress. NOGAZ

Brian H | 1 novembre 2013

Another tweet: East Coast Supercharger network should be complete in a few months.

We can hope Elon means the usual number by "few" (3). (Compared to e.g. 24, even 7 or 8 might qualify.)

tameraf | 5 novembre 2013

In supercharger map if I click on fall2013 I see the stations will be more than doubled (by counting the gray dots compared to the red ones) am I reading the map wrong? Can Tesla finish 44 new stations in 7 weeks?
Also is the swap battery just an idea? is there any plan to commercialize it?

Timo | 5 novembre 2013

Probably just an idea. It would be very hard to make battery swap a profitable business. Logistics nightmare with too few customers. Maybe for some taxi company or something that buys bunch of Tesla cars could benefit from it, but it would still be pretty hard to get price down enough that some company actually buys it.