Are the reservations for the Signature Model X being honored ahead of Standard Model X?

Are the reservations for the Signature Model X being honored ahead of Standard Model X?

Ok I'm # 725 but for the non 130K+ version does that mean if I reserved in March of 2012 for the (poor rich person) version, I have to wait until the (real rich person) who reserved in October 2012 gets their shiny new Model X Sig version. No me gusto

Ali #725

pvetesla | 5 settembre 2015

You reserved in March 2012 and you are just realizing this?!?!

rdalcanto | 5 settembre 2015

They paid a $40,000 deposit instead of your $5,000 deposit to get in front of you in the line. If you wanted to be one of the first, you should have put down $40,000.

bingham_10016 | 5 settembre 2015

the implication that I'm an idiot is lovely but if they wanted 40 k down on an 85k car they should have been explicit about it. the super rich should be a little more understanding of the kinda rich

the bonnie | 5 settembre 2015

They've always been clear that the first cars produced are Founders, then Signatures, then general production. As a new manufacturing line is ramped, it makes sense to try to minimize the variability.

You'll have your vehicle in no time. I'm sorry you're frustrated, but this has been clear - for the Roadster, the Model S, and now Model X.

vandacca | 5 settembre 2015

the bonnie, I'm pretty sure there was no mention at all of "Founders" vehicles, let alone about them being first. Most people don't know about this secret group of reservations. Most people don't even know how many "Founder" Model-X vehicles will be built. Otherwise, I totally agree with the rest of your post. :-)

Kariwood | 5 settembre 2015

I think if they followed the news or forums they would know about the founder cars, otherwise I agree that it is well known that signature cars are delivered/produced prior to production cars.

rapnjoe | 5 settembre 2015

I need my X design studio now, I'm starving at least let me be able to change the color in the mean time on a partial design studio.
and yes I already played with colors on S studio and it does not satisfy my hunger to dream of X number 6715

NumberOne | 6 settembre 2015

Do not worry, only 24 more days (the day after the first deliveries) you will have more information about the Model X available than ever before.

Roamer@AZ USA | 6 settembre 2015

Yes, That has not changed since the reservation page first went live.

frankviaje | 8 settembre 2015

You may be lucky if your delivery is delayed for the Founders' cars. Some of the early MS had a few bugs which did not exist in later cars.