Article criticle of Tesla

Article criticle of Tesla

Does anyone have an opinion regarding The Street article by John Petersen:

In this article the author refers to a 2011 study comparing estimated total costs of different vehicle types. I really like Tesla"s goals,and love the Tesla products. Would really like to challenge this criticism. Any thoughts?

Chuck Lusin | 11 novembre 2012

Looks to be a John Petersen article! He is anti Tesla!

mrspaghetti | 11 novembre 2012

That guy is highly biased and has an agenda. I have read a couple of his past articles and wish I could get back the time I wasted doing so.

jbunn | 11 novembre 2012

Peterson is a tool. Writes on Seeking Alpha often, always slamming Tesla. Haters gotta hate.

Docrob | 11 novembre 2012

Don't bother, he can't be reasoned with, only outcomes can prove him wrong and even the he will never admit it. Early on he said they would never release the car. Then he said no one would buy it, the year long waiting list has that one covered. Now in anti-tesla evangelical zeal he is scraping the barrel for articles suggesting EV's are so emissions intensive in manufacture they will never make it up in decreased emissions during their lifetime. He dismisses any opposition or studies making the alternate claim as EVangelical rationalisation. My suggestion is move on.

Mark K | 11 novembre 2012

Petersen's objectivity is compromised by his lead-acid battery financial interests.

His Teslas-bashing mission is shameless, and continues even though he has been very clearly outed.

He seeks to slow the EV transition so as to reduce the impact on his old line interests.

For Tesla, success is the ultimate counter-argument.

3 Car of the Year covers, and counting.

mrspaghetti | 11 novembre 2012

@Mark K

3? What's the one besides Automobile Magazine & Yahoo Autos?

Mark K | 11 novembre 2012

Watch for NYC event tomorrow.

mrspaghetti | 11 novembre 2012

Definitely will be! I thought you were referring to another one that was already in the bag :)

Brian H | 11 novembre 2012

Counting the MT chicken just prior to hatching, I suspect! ;)

JMO | 11 novembre 2012

He was writing that article in his Mercedes 500 Turbo that gets 5 mpg... way to go peterson

Whity Whiteman | 12 novembre 2012

it would be very interesting, how a Prius look like in this article... or any other Hybridcar | 12 novembre 2012

Motor Trend Car of the Year-- John Petersen's dark overlords are going to have to work him extra hard now :o)

mrspaghetti | 12 novembre 2012

He's going to eat it just like all the others dumb enough to short TSLA

TikiMan | 12 novembre 2012

Hey, some folks like this guy will go the way of the diansour to the very end, and I am good with that. He is entitled to his biased openion, and I appreciate reading what some of these silly speculators have to say about many things, because, it gives me a counter-weight to know when I should invest opposite to them.

For the record, the last four years have been a windfall for me, so please John, keep writing, and I'll keep making money! :-)