Autoline discussion on Tesla S

Autoline discussion on Tesla S

Good discussion on the S at 10:45
"Electric Vehicle Hits and Misses - Autoline this Week 1647"

tomas.hutters | 20 novembre 2012

Thanks for posting, it is a very good discussion in general, not just about Model S. It is quite unusual these days to see three persons having a non-heated, sober and relevant discussion about the whole EV thing and the automobile business.

TheAustin | 20 novembre 2012

Yes, thanks for posting, and I agree with Tomas...It is rare that three intelligent, knowledgeable people can have a forum to review and discuss the merits of every electric and electric/hybrid on the market, as well as expected cars, and on top of that, the state of electric cars in general. And do it without argument or political prejudices. I've very impressed.

stevenmaifert | 20 novembre 2012

Loved the "ditch between the seats" comment.

Volker.Berlin | 20 novembre 2012

+1 everbody, thanks for posting. Enjoyed the discussion and forwarded the link to some e-mobility interested people.

nickjhowe | 20 novembre 2012

+1 MB3. They were almost giggling about the Model S. They could hardly contain themselves. More TM converts.

Brian H | 21 novembre 2012

Their discussion of EV/hybrid sales didn't consider Tesla's rising graph. That's what "breaks" their analysis.

weenbean | 21 novembre 2012

They said you can't test the durability of the car's components...Tesla uses a multitude of different CAD softwares to test exactly that. Almost every AutoCAD software can perform VERY accurate durability and stress test.

lolachampcar | 22 novembre 2012

I think they were talking more about sun and time's toll on interior bits, seals and the like. Think Ferrari black goo on all the switches and knobs.

Brian H | 22 novembre 2012

Switches? Knobs? In a Tesla? Where?