Bad park job?

Bad park job?

Yes, I got to close to the curb with my 21" rims & scratched it-pretty badly. At Mothership in MP getting fixed. Heard of "alloy gator" rim protectors out of UK only.
Read not so positive reviews; coming off @ high speeds (CLEARLY an issue with our MS!) damage to tire...anyone know anything better here in the states?
Still Grinning :-)

mlaiken | 18 febbraio 2013

Great question. I was also considering alloy gators for my wheels when I get my MS next month. Also not sure how they will work/hold up. Would love to hear some actual feedback from anyone who has used them as I am yet to see a MS with 21" wheels that doesn't have some curb rash. I love the 21s but they seem also guaranteed to get scratched up.

nickjhowe | 18 febbraio 2013

FWIW The service manager at the Dania store in FL said they'd installed gators on a car there. They didn't say who, and they didn't have anything positive or negative to say.