Burglar Magnet?

Burglar Magnet?

As attractive as the 17" touchscreen is, has anyone given any thought to how it might attract thieves to smash your front window to gain access to it? Even if it wouldn't have much use for them removed from the center console, it seems like it would be an awfully inviting target!

timdorr | 19 dicembre 2012

In general, what is going to get your window smashed in is leaving something on the floor or seats. iPods, bags, laptops, etc. They can snatch and run more easily if it's a loose item. The screen is quite embedded into the car, so they can't get in and out quickly.

Also, high-powered cars are generally more likely to have quality security systems on them and owners with resources to track down thieves. The Model S certainly looks high-powered, so a criminal is not going to target it as much as maybe a Camry right next to it.

As long as you're not leaving things in plain view, then you're at a very low risk of a break-in.

stevenmaifert | 19 dicembre 2012

Agree with timdorr - Smash and grab and easily fenced.

Vall | 19 dicembre 2012

The screen costs around $80 (eighty bucks) on ebay, brand new. Nobody in their right mind will try to take it off, it probably requires removing huge parts of the dash. The 21" wheels, now that's a different story. Tesla sells them for $5000 with the tires.

TikiMan | 19 dicembre 2012

What would be the point? It would be worthless to a criminal (it's not like it will retrofit into a Honda Civic).

OCMS | 20 dicembre 2012

Has anyone put on locking lug nuts?

Timo | 20 dicembre 2012

Locking lug nuts don't really work. Just search youtube.

nickjhowe | 20 dicembre 2012

@mayortina - I thought about this a couple of months ago and I was going to use locking lug nuts but after watching the youtube videos I decided against it. Not worth it.

Brian H | 20 dicembre 2012

Enhance with Krazy Glue.

OCMS | 21 dicembre 2012

Good to know, watched the videos.

JThompson | 21 dicembre 2012

Timo: Thanks...I saw the Eric the Car Guy YouTube video...I had no idea it was so easy to take off locking wheel lugs with a socket!

Vawlkus | 21 dicembre 2012

I'd be less concerned with thieves (try to Hotwire that car? *zap* Not happening), and more worried about vandals. All it takes is some moronic Petrohead to key it up to really ruin your day.

s_curve | 21 dicembre 2012

Full coverage auto insurance people...because you can't legislate or completely deter 'stupid'.

EcLectric | 21 dicembre 2012

As much as theft antagonizes people and makes you want to call the thieves 'stupid', they are not that stupid. Unless there is a ready market for something, they won't steal it. The Tesla's 17 inch screen can only be used in a Model S, and it could only be installed by Tesla. Can you imagine that scenario? No. Just keep your readily sold IPad out of sight.

Timo | 22 dicembre 2012

Vawlkus +1

Car drivetrain is controlled by computer and started without physical key. In order to "hotwire" it you would need to be a computer hacker. With little effort in security you could "lock" the car so well that it would take NSA billion years to hotwire it.

Vandalism, copper thieves stealing charger cables and maybe tire theft are only real threats.

Joshua Burstyn | 22 dicembre 2012

Theft of the entire car would be useless. Is there really a big market for stolen Teslas? Besides, if Tesla can remotely initiate diagnostics then they can remotely disable the car when it is reported stolen.

As for the screen... it doesn't serve any purpose without the rest of the car.

As others have mentioned I'd be more careful about douchebag vandals who manifest their jealousy by trashing the paintjob, panels or otherwise.

s_curve | 22 dicembre 2012


There are jail cells over the country chock full of black market chop-shop runners that convinced themselves that theft (grand or petty) was a 'smart' way to make a living. The market is called 'black' for a reason. These are are not PHd's. They are past, present or future convicts. Nothing more.

frisbin | 22 dicembre 2012

I agree with EcLectric.
The only time I have seen a car broken into (window smash) was to get at an item left in plain view. I lost a very cheap portable CD player years ago that way. Didn't care about the device so much, but the damage to the window messed up the day.

s_curve | 22 dicembre 2012

Whether or not valuables are in plain view doesn't make the perpetrator any more intelligent, as EcLectric suggests. Again, this is why we have insurance. It's not to stop people from being criminals. It's to set things right when they are.

hwye81k | 22 dicembre 2012

s_curve, have you checked into full coverage for the S?

Age please.

s_curve | 23 dicembre 2012

@hwye81k - I got my best quote from State Farm but a good driving record and the fact that I have my main home and two other properties with them did help quite a bit. I'm sure there are at least two other threads on this forum regarding car insurance. You might be able to get good leads from others. Use to search. Personally, I wouldn't consider much less than full coverage for a car that is going to set you back $60 to $100K. Wouldn't advise doing more than your budget can stand but I would advise doing as much as your budget can stand. B.t.w...I'm 46.

EcLectric | 23 dicembre 2012


What I'm trying to say is that a burglar knows the difference between a car part and a generically marketable item. I'm sure they don't use those terms, but has anyone had the touch screen ripped out of their Infiniti or Lexus? If thieves were that stupid, there wouldn't be a trend of certain years of Hondas being stolen and parted out. In your scenario, they just see something shiny, break the window, and try to pry it out of the dash with a crow bar. Desperate, short sighted, selfish - yes. Magpies? No.

s_curve | 23 dicembre 2012

EcLectric - I see your point. Thanks for clarifying. I would agree that there are educated among the criminal set. In my experience (and I won't say what that is here), car thieves range from 'Tactical Planners' that can run an organized, multi-state chop shop and distribution network to 'Mindless Dregs' that (quite literally) go for the shiny objects. What I was trying to say is that the 'choice' to go that route is stupid and the reason is simple: when things don't go as planned (and eventually they don't), the Tactical Planners can and do at times find themselves sharing the same jail cell as the Mindless Dregs. There are many ways for an energetic mind to make money without smashing windshields and stealing @frisbin's 'very cheap portable CD player'.

I don't like high insurance premiums any more than the next person but one the reasons premiums escalate for all of us is because otherwise intelligent people sometimes choose to do stupid things.