burn smell in new tesla S when heat is on

burn smell in new tesla S when heat is on

Just received my new tesla, and i noticed when turning the heat on, a burned smell appears - I wonder if this is normal and if it will go away after we while?


David Trushin | 6 marzo 2013

Probably. Someone else said the same thing about a month ago and never said anything else. Might just be new car stuff. Taht said, if you see smoke then I think it might be a problem.

jbunn | 6 marzo 2013

Normal. Goes away after a few days.

jat | 6 marzo 2013

Just like the first time your furnace comes on in the house, the dust in the ductwork gets burned out.

Velo1 | 6 marzo 2013

I had the same experience. It did go away within a week, but at first was a bit disconcerting. I did a lot of windows-open/pano-roof open drives the first few days to eliminate the initial smell.

andex23 | 6 marzo 2013

Same issue, went away in a couple weeks.

jbunn | 6 marzo 2013

I used to have baseboard heaters in a house I owned, so not surprised. Fyi, if you have the heat off all summer, you will have the smell back for a bit in the fall, but its normal for electric heat. Burning dust as jat said. Nothing to worry about unless you see flame... ; )

Brian H | 6 marzo 2013

Indoors, about 80% of dust is human skin flakes. You're smelling yourself going up in smoke.

jbunn | 6 marzo 2013

Mmmmm.... pork!

Pungoteague_Dave | 6 marzo 2013

Normal - we had it for a day, and then it dissappeared. It may actually have been a sealant, probably not dust as the car was new - smalled a bit 'electrical'. Anyway, not a long term issue.

Pungoteague_Dave | 6 marzo 2013

sorry 'smelled'

bsimoes | 8 marzo 2013

How about that "new car smell?" No one has commented on that. Is it present when you get your car? Can you smell the leather? Again, living vicariously through all of you until I can take delivery!

nickjhowe | 8 marzo 2013

I've had the car 9 weeks. I can't smell anything anymore, but folks who are seeing the car for the first time still comment on the 'new car smell'.

TikiMan | 8 marzo 2013

Yup, very common on any new car, even more so with a new ICE.

sftesla | 9 marzo 2013

I had this same issue for the first couple of weeks that I had the car. It seems to have gone away now.

HzSoGood | 8 aprile 2013

Day 9 in the car, super strong acrid "burning rubber" smell just showed up on the 4th drive of the day. Have aired it all out, will check again tomorrow. Was any of the smells above "burnt rubber like"? Not in the frunk or trunk, closer to driver and passenger seats.

Mark E | 9 aprile 2013

Are you sure that it's not from the rear tyres? ;)

HzSoGood | 9 aprile 2013

@mark e. grin

nickjhowe | 20 aprile 2013

Eyal in this thread says it is the rear parcel shelf outgassing...