The CAN ! A charge connector without the cord/ from J1772 to Tesla Roadster charge port.

The CAN ! A charge connector without the cord/ from J1772 to Tesla Roadster charge port.

My question goes out to any Roadster owners who may have first hand experience with the Can, developed by Henry Sharp.
It is 2.5" Dia., 6.6" in lenght & 22 OZ.wt,approx. size & wt. of a filled soft drink can, thus taking up no space in Roadster trunk and cost less than the Tesla 4ft. pigtail: At $675
The CAN is a J1772 connector on one end and Tesla Roadster charge port connector at the other end.
Google "The Can" to reach web site.
I'm interested in knowing if anyone has first hand experience.
The web site indicates five Tesla Motor Club Roadster owners have purchased it, and they all give good reviews.
If U have "The Can" and are willing to share UR experience, I would like to hear from U prior to purchase.

DHrivnak | 17 ottobre 2013

I have Mr. Sharp's can and it has worked well for me.

kent | 17 ottobre 2013

Works well for me as well. Compact enough to fit under the gear selector on the Roadster 2.5 in front of the cigarette lighter.

The perfect accessory!

davidcjones | 21 ottobre 2013

I can vouch for it. It works fine for me!

charpold | 23 ottobre 2013

I also have one - it works very well, and is both less expensive and far more compact than the J1772 adaptor from Tesla.

richardean412 | 24 ottobre 2013

My thanks to each of U who responded to my questions concerning
Henry Sharp's charging connector " The Can".
UR positive comments have helped me as I considered the Can over Tesla's charge cord (the J1772 to Tesla Roadster's charge port), a lesser priced and less bulky option.

I will probably wait until mid 2014 to see if Elon Musk & Tesla offers a solution to the Tesla Roadster charging anxiety which limits us in traveling the highways of America with the same or comparable freedom the Model S enjoys.
This is in reference to the comments Elon made to the Tesla Motor Club concerning a cool surprise in 2014 for Tesla Roadsters, hopefully a solution to our charging needs,maybe the Supercharger Stations adding a HPC70 AMP connector for Roadsters.
If not 'The Can " is our next best option.
Thanks again,
R. Thompson

DHrivnak | 27 ottobre 2013

Even if Tesla allows Roadsters to charge at SuperChargers you will likely need the can or at least a j1772 connector as superchargers will be limited. At best there will be 300 superchargers but there are already over 7000 j1772 plugs in operation.

richardean412 | 27 ottobre 2013

Good point !
Anyone selling the lastest issue of the Henry Sharp Can with rounded edges @ a discounted price ?