Can you change default speed of navigation app.

Can you change default speed of navigation app.

It seems the navigation calculations are based on a default speed of 75mph. How do you change that? I looked at the settings for the nav app, but the only option setting is the map view, 1x, 1.5x or 2x.

Salman | 9 marzo 2013

It's not possible currently (as you rightly point out the only option currently available is the text size). But, modern navigation systems don't use a fixed default speed, they calculate times based on the speed limits of the current route, and the better ones also use current traffic conditions to make adjustments. I don't think the Tesla system does the latter, but do you think it doesn't do the former, either? I haven't used the nav system enough yet to be able to tell.

nickjhowe | 9 marzo 2013

I'm pretty sure the estimated arrival time in the nav app updates dynamically if you have the tech package. Not certain cause I haven't studied it that closely, but pretty sure that's what happens in my car.

Salman | 9 marzo 2013

@nickj, it does update dynamically, but I'm not sure if it has anything to do with traffic or not (or simply uses the fact that you're farther/closer to your destination that it thought you'd be since the last update).

andresk | 9 marzo 2013

It does not take into account traffic. With many apps (google maps, waze, twist, etc) now being able to both predict arrival time based on traffic and provide routing based on traffic, I hope this capability will come in some upcoming update...

nickjhowe | 10 marzo 2013

@salman - agree that I don't think it is taking traffic into account, but I'm pretty sure I remember the ETA increasing which would suggest it is at least taking your time to current location into account.

I don't have any inside info, but based on various statements from Elon et al I've got to believe that all these other nav capabilities will come in a future software update.