Car carrier sighting - Hagerstown, MD

Car carrier sighting - Hagerstown, MD

Turned my head this afternoon and there it was...filled to the brim, pulling out of the Pilot truck stop at exit 24 along I-70. What a sight!

Anonymous | 13 settembre 2013

and no pictures!!!

petochok | 13 settembre 2013

Nope, I honestly had no chance. The truck was moving towards the onramp and was out of sight within seconds. How's this for a mental picture instead... a black one with 19s was riding over the cab facing backwards LOL.
I'll try to catch them again now that I know they come through the area.

jstack6 | 13 settembre 2013

I friend saw one with about 8 Tesla S vehicles on it along a highway in Northern California 9/9/2013 of course and got a good picture if I can post it here. The picture is courtesy of Jeremy Norris in Mesa Arizona and it looks like he was driving and taking a picture from his smart phone but I know he's smarter than that,LOL

I don't see a option to post the picture so I'll try a link

Brian H | 14 settembre 2013

Odd, the first car on the truck had was white with white nosecone!
The narrator called them "electric hybrid". Nah.

Brian H | 14 settembre 2013

No, guess that was protective wrap, not the 'cone.

petochok | 14 settembre 2013

Some people actually complain about having to unwrap their own car upon delivery. I'd be tickled pink if my new Tesla showed up still wrapped. Talk about feeling like a kid on Christmas morning!

SickaMorStyle | 14 settembre 2013

lol,I would leave the wrap on until it fell off,trying to extend that 1st day feeling.

winfield100 | 15 settembre 2013

well, you can see a LOT of Tesla's at teh Rockville, Md service center, many being prepped. I counted over -->40<-- saturday 14th including a skateboard.