Carbon Fiber Décor

Carbon Fiber Décor

I owned a Model s signature I just get it delivered ,I remember choosing the Carbon Fiber Décor .
I was suprised seeing 5 small pieces of carbon fifer in the car. what does mean Carbon Fiber Décor package?

David76 | 19 gennaio 2013

Those who have reserve an design a model s signature with carbon fiber package pls contact me.

David76 | 19 gennaio 2013

I m pissed i don t get what they show me and I paid for.

David76 | 19 gennaio 2013

In my design of my Models S the carbon fiber package as ,spoiler,front bumper lips,rear bumper lips,and much more interior pieces .

Im realy not Happy

$115,900 (CAD)

David76 | 19 gennaio 2013

I should get the porshe panamera turbo instead ,they know what is a carbon fiber package is.

David76 | 19 gennaio 2013

The sewing cook is poor quality. The center console is in black laminate wood.
I get only front carpet.

David76 | 19 gennaio 2013

Why they delivered the car if things are missing?

Alex K | 19 gennaio 2013

I heard many months ago, that due to the carbon fiber chipping, the only exterior carbon fiber that was to be included in all Model Ss was the rear spoiler. Carbon Fiber Décor is just the interior trim pieces.

TikiMan | 19 gennaio 2013

The only carbon-fiber on the exterior is the rear spoiler option.

markapeterman | 19 gennaio 2013

From George B's July 12th blog post:

We have also dedicated a lot of time to reviewing the cars after each test drive event. As a result, we have identified an appearance and durability issue that we are addressing right away. The carbon fiber front lower valence and rear lower diffuser on Performance cars is not demonstrating the level of durability we had hoped for. After three Get Amped weekends, these two carbon fiber elements are showing scratches and debris chips beyond what we feel are acceptable for the amount of time the cars have been in service. Carbon fiber is known for looking good and being incredibly rigid and strong, but it’s also known for being a bit brittle and susceptible to cracking, especially if bumped into a curb or parking lot block. We are taking action on this immediately. We will be installing solid black front lower valences and rear diffusers on all Performance cars going forward. We used this same solid black material on Roadster, so we know from experience that it looks great and offers very predictable durability. The carbon fiber rear spoiler has shown no signs of wear, and will remain an option on Performance vehicles.

David76 | 20 gennaio 2013

Ok fine, why they dont let customer know all these changed made before I sign all papers,also I will like to know is the price have been reduced for that. I a carbon fiber lover ,all my toys have carbon fiber parts.

TeslaModelSOwner | 20 gennaio 2013

Ths brings up a different question, aside from the wheels and spoiler, is there currently a difference between the non performance and performance cars on the exterior?

I was told there was no difference, doesn't sound like it from George's post

DouglasR | 20 gennaio 2013

I'm pretty sure there is no difference on the exterior. I opted for 19" wheels and no spoiler, and I can't see anything that would indicate that it's a Performance. There are slight differences in interior trim, and of course the touch screen identifies it as P85.