CCI price has been announced

CCI price has been announced

I just received the CCI price. It's almost $ 900 standart and if I want carbon fiber, it's almost $ 1,200. Do you think it's a reasonable price?

lov2krz | 26 febbraio 2013

I also commend Soflauthor for taking on developing an accessory that so many folks wanted.

I signed up to be on the list and have been following the development since then.

When I got the email discussing price I was stunned, shocked, overwhelmed (you can add any adjective you want)etc. about the price. I had a price point of $300-400 in my head for the CCI. I'm not sure that I'm willing to pay ~$900 (tax, shipping,etc.) for providing marginal space management. I'd really like to get real world feedback from some beta testers or early purchasers before I spend that kind of money on a nice to have item.

torst1 | 26 febbraio 2013

Small scale productions drives the costs.
I think the price is fair, even if it might seem steep at first.

You have to factor in small series, loads of time spend crafting by hand, designing and choosing material etc. If you think it is too expensive that is ok, don't order one. Just don't be a hater. Them guys also need their bread and butter.

torst1 | 26 febbraio 2013

Btw part of the price is for the CCI to look like a factory option and not some lame aftermarket part bought cheap in walmart.

Also this is hand crafted. Look at the nice stitching. Beautiful work and craftsmanship.

Brian H | 26 febbraio 2013

Is the stitching too nice? Does it show up the seats'? ;)

glenster | 26 febbraio 2013

I also think that the pricing for this pretty easy part to manufacture is priced about 50% too high!

Brian H | 27 febbraio 2013

Don't knock it 'til you've tried it. Or wait for the Chinese knock-off.

Duffer | 27 febbraio 2013

petero - this sort of infantile response discourages the open exchange of ideas and opinions that makes this forum useful

wbrown01 | 27 febbraio 2013

I think they should lower the price at $350 to $450. But at $899 no way. Call me when that happens, otherwise I will wait for TM console to be released. The price just forces me to wait.....

Brian H | 27 febbraio 2013

You want his slave labor to make only $4/hr instead of $8?

jjaeger | 1 marzo 2013

wbrown01 - and the odds that any potential TM console is $450 is less is what? Zero is my expectation. Priced at or above CCI with installation is a better guess IMO.

tobi_ger | 18 luglio 2013

Another CCI add-ons:
Torklift Central-Tesla Model S MagnaGrip Front Center Console System
Torklift Central-Tesla Model S MagnaGrip Rear Center Console System

Robert22 | 18 luglio 2013

Clever. Now if they could just make one for the roof for my sunglasses.