Charging question

Charging question

Ok so I am going to get a Model S for my birthday in a few months but was concerned about a few things. The main issue is with the small amount of super chargers available at the moment (I know more are on the way), so my question is this; has anyone ever gone to a hotel for a weekend in a city that doesn't have EV plug ins? Did the hotel allow you to plug in while parked in the garage? If not what do you do to recharge, after all it's not like you can run a really long extension cord to your room lol.

Also the other question I have is around annual state inspections, do these need to be done at a Tesla service station? The reason I ask about that is cause the average garage would have no clue what to do if they opened the frunk to find no engine just groceries lol.

Thanks in advance!


Brian H | 22 settembre 2013

Varies. Talk to the hotel.

MS are mostly exempt from those inspections. Varies. Check your state's regs.