Charging for a road trip to Vegas from So. Cal.

Charging for a road trip to Vegas from So. Cal.

My wife and I are taking our first road trip in our Model S from Southern California to Las Vegas. We of course know there is a super charging station in Barstow, however, we are not going to make the Barstow-Vegas-Barstow round trip on a full charge since it's 157 miles one way. Does anyone have any suggestions regarding where to charge in Las Vegas? We're staying at the Mandalay Bay. Thanks in advance for any thoughts.

Alex K | 26 settembre 2013

I've heard many people comment that The Shoppes at Mandalay Bay have a nice set of chargers.

vbianco | 26 settembre 2013

Thanks Alex. Looks like those Mandalay Bay stations charge at 30A. Do I need to preset the charger settings to 30A prior to plugging in? I've only charged at home so far.

Earl and Nagin ... | 26 settembre 2013

You only have to plug into the Mandalay Bay station. It tells your Model S that it can only handle 30A and your Model S will only draw 30A. Its all automatic :-)
You will need your J-1772-to-Tesla adapter.
You can, of course reduce your charging current below 30A if you like but I can't imagine why you would. The charging station owner probably would prefer you charge as fast as you can so they can get another customer onto their charger.
Check out or for alternate charging stations in Las Vegas or anywhere else.

stevenmaifert | 27 settembre 2013

@vbianco - You have a nice place to stay and a nice place to charge. I've charged there on two trips to Vegas this year. Chargers (2) are located in the valet parking area (you self park), the approach is well marked, it's covered, well lit, and staffed 24/7. I felt very comfortable leaving my ModS there overnight. It's also free. There are six solar powered chargers at the County Admin center. They are free too but require a ChargePoint card to activate. It's a comfortable walk to Fremont street from there if you're looking for a little exercise.