Check out this Tesla Model S Commercial

Check out this Tesla Model S Commercial

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NKYTA | 11 luglio 2013

You should have the MS "wink" with the DRL's in the last scene! ;-)

Velo1 | 11 luglio 2013

Nice job - if you're the creator, I hope you get that NYC position.

jjs | 11 luglio 2013

If you are open to some IMO constructive criticism. Here goes:

Assuming the goal of this commercial is to sell as many of these cars a possible I would modify it as follows:

a) Be a little more subtle on the "green" aspects of the car. You and a core group may view this as the most important aspect but the buying public in general will not rank it as high. It should be there, but less as a total percent of the commercial. Too much and you will turn people off. (Check any number of high-jacked threads for proof.)

b) Although you hit on the performance aspect of the car it could/should be a little more dramatic. (Close camera shot as it flashes by?)

c) The music is energetic and engaging but masks one of the great qualities of the car. How quiet it is.

d) One of the shots should be of a family getting in/using/enjoying the car. The fact that this is such a usable vehicle needs to be highlighted.

e) Tech inside the car is not touched upon. It too is compelling for some buyers.

Perhaps to include all of the above is too far reaching for such a short segment. However if you are to reach all buyers I think you need to hit all the emotional buttons. Family-(warm fuzzies), green-(more warm fuzzies...for some), rocket/roller coaster-(fun, exhilarating), high tech-(intriguing), Quiet-(peaceful serene). Wow that's a lot of emotion.

Perhaps this could be the first of a five part trilogy. :)

wcalvin | 11 luglio 2013

Interior shots silent except for a child's voice from the back seat, ramp up music for exterior shots.

RedShift | 11 luglio 2013

I'd add a little drama: no sound at all, then subtext to say " you must wondering why this commercial is so silent"

Then, add a little sound of the tires as the car swooshes by, and then have the subtext say " welcome to the sound of silence"

It would be quite impactful and different from other noisy commercials. Just like the S is so different.

cfOH | 11 luglio 2013

"welcome to the sound of silence"

Except when the A/C compressor starts up. ;-)

Whity Whiteman | 11 luglio 2013

that's funny: there are scenes out of my tesla-cut two years ago. All the wind force wheels and solarpanels, or? I saw it in the first second)

Check out my cut- oldie but goodie. Two Years ago there was almost no footage out there:

I'm a little proud, that someone copies my cut =)

Whity Whiteman | 11 luglio 2013

but please with full sound!

redders | 11 luglio 2013

agree with the "sell silence" comments. I saw a few car commercials in the middle of of a ballgame on ESPN over the weekend and as a new S owner, I just thought they were crass. Noise, noise, noise. Roar here, screech there, loud music etc.

You probably need some mood music to stop people from falling asleep but otherwise sell silence

RedShift | 11 luglio 2013


That's not the AC; it's the nuclear ion motor spooling up.

You have to know how to wrap the package to sell it well, you see.

redders | 11 luglio 2013

Can you work OMD into the soundtrack too, please.

Maybe they will rewrite Tesla Girls for you.

Whity Whiteman | 11 luglio 2013

I don't get it. It's euro-kindergarten-tecno with stolen pictures from my video.
I mean ... forget it! =)

jonesxander | 11 luglio 2013

Pretty cool. A few things could use some work, but overall awesome.

It just makes me think of a day when they actually have a Tesla commercial....with all of those accolades.

I just realized how awesome it will sound when the commercials say "Motor Trend Car of The Year, three years in a row". It's very likely to happen at this point.

Now that will be awesome.

awieckowski4833 | 11 luglio 2013

Thanks for all the feedback guys. I don't own a Model S so yes, I did have to download videos that other people uploaded. However, I did the editing, special effects, music, etc, by myself. I appreciate all the comments. Thanks everyone!

awieckowski4833 | 12 luglio 2013

If you saw the video and enjoyed it please like and share it. Much appreciated. Thank you!

awieckowski4833 | 12 luglio 2013

Almost at 600 views. Thanks everyone =]

bigez1 | 12 luglio 2013

@awieckowski4833 +1

gill_sans | 12 luglio 2013

Nice. :) Love the car shots, especially hugging the road.

I second comments by @jjs and @wcalvin and @RedShift. Also, use fewer fonts (just one, so it doesn't feel like a ransom note), and let the text float a little longer before zipping offscreen (it's too fast to be read currently).

gill_sans | 12 luglio 2013

@Whity Whiteman: Nice. :) Love the narration. Really inspired choice. The Dude!

I might argue the last shot should just be the Tesla logo on black.

awieckowski4833 | 12 luglio 2013

Thanks for the tips guys. I might make another commercial for the Tesla Roadster or the Model X. I will keep your feedback in mind. Thank you everyone!

awieckowski4833 | 14 luglio 2013

Over 1,000 views on youtube; thanks guys!