The "chime" recording anyone?

The "chime" recording anyone?

This may seem like an odd request but if there are any model s owners on here that can record the car chime for 30 seconds (the sound when you're in your seat and maybe door open.. That sound) and send it to me?

I currently use the BMW one as my ringtone because that was a car I was going to get but now that I want a model S, I'd like that to be my current ringtone

Or if you can direct me to anyone that might have it?


CU OPEC | 1 agosto 2014

Actually I was just looking for a (wav or mp3) file too and just can't find one :(
Unfortunately I'm out of town right now for a week, so I can't go to the car and make my own recording. Maybe someone reading this can do so and put it online, on dropbox or something :)

nobueno | 2 agosto 2014

Me gusta

AndyO | 2 agosto 2014

It took me a few minutes to edit out the crickets and bird chirps. Disclaimer: Audio recorded from a speaker by a mic is never as good as the original.

Model S chime - Dropbox

(Just realized the original request was so old but had done it anyway by then.)