A color poll for current Dolphin Grey owners

A color poll for current Dolphin Grey owners

An interesting poll about the new grey on the other forums. Would like to get some more owner's responses.

SeattleSid | 24 luglio 2014

I really love my grey car. In the sunlight, in the shade. I think it shows the lines really well. I like all the colors, really, but to my eye the blue and the green look pretty much black except in bright direct sun (at which point they're very nice). If either were a little more like the color by which they're named, I might have gone for either of them.

I'll be interested to see the new grey in person. If it's not another version of black, I might go for it. If they come up with a blue that's more cobalty, that might be my choice.

Bighorn | 24 luglio 2014

I can't really comment without seeing the new color in the flesh. In the Design Studio, it looked like another almost-black, but I don't trust my iPad for proper color rendition.

AndyO | 24 luglio 2014

I'm certainly glad I got the dolphin grey while it was there. I think it's great for showing the lines. I'd have to study lots of photos before making a choice but I agree that it looks like the third nearly black color. I might consider brown but that was the color of my 1979 Chrysler station wagon and I don't really want to be reminded of that. LOL

Dnbigd | 24 luglio 2014

Very happy after several months with my choice of metallic gray. It looks silver-like in the bright and a rich gray in the shade and night. I also thought the difference in shading helps show the MS lines.

arldent3300 | 24 luglio 2014

I picked up my car yesterday and am very please with the color. Actually I am happy I chose it. It is prettier than I thought. The new "grey" is too dark for me.

GeekEV | 24 luglio 2014

Has anyone actually seen the new color? Are we sure it's actually different? It's kinda hard to tell in the design studio.

sundoc | 24 luglio 2014

@GeekEV- I saw the 2 colour palates side by side a the Service Center... they are quite different. The new grey is substantially darker.

GeekEV | 24 luglio 2014

@Sundoc - Thanks for confirming. Dolphin Gray, the new Signature Red? ;-)

howsbayou2 | 24 luglio 2014

Got the Dolphin Grey because it shows lines of the car without showing dirt/dust the way the darker colors do. Really happy we went that way now.

dbh | 24 luglio 2014

Delivery confirmed 8/30...just got a call with the option to switch or not. Decided on steel gray, so may be one of the first...

My delivery specialist sent me this. They both look nice.

SgtPepper | 24 luglio 2014

Dbh- I'm also confirmed for 8/30. And I also switched from Dolphin to Steel. Tough decision- I like them both!

qgrain | 24 luglio 2014

I'm with you dbh. I did the same. Really like the darker color. My delivery date is 8/23 so I got you by a week.

Thor-Egil | 25 luglio 2014

Have had my Dolphin-grey now for three months. Would choose that again without a doubt! Beautiful! The new signature-red :)

Sully | 25 luglio 2014

For those choosing the steel grey, what interior combination did you choose? I have a couple days till 2 week period ends.

qgrain | 25 luglio 2014

I went with the grey leather interior.

dbh | 25 luglio 2014

Black leather (same as I had picked originally).

Anthony J. Parisio | 25 luglio 2014

I never like the old grey(would never buy it). Anything darker is to my liking. I have always felt this way about grey on any car.

carlk | 25 luglio 2014

A clean car always look much better than a dirty one but it's more obvious for darker colors like grey. That's probably the reason I've seen some very nice grey MS and some really dull looking ones on the road.

GeekEV | 25 luglio 2014

In that lighting the GREY almost looks SILVER. Is that really the "dolphin" gray?

l_younis | 25 luglio 2014

I have the dolphin grey and love it. I have a background in lighting and it looks like they used LED with High CRI (coloring rendering index) when they took the picture. This lighting is suppose to match Daylight White. With dolphin grey, I sometimes catch an undertone of a light blue in the the dolphin grey in midday sun. I can kind of see it in this picture.

Silver body color matches the rim color, as a point of reference.

My wife says Steel grey looks a little purple, even if I cover the part of the image that shows a reflection of what looks like a buildings tesla logo on the side of the car. FWIW

mclary | 25 luglio 2014

There is still only one Grey listed on the order page!

Mark K | 25 luglio 2014


I liked the Dolphin Grey so much, I got two of them. Super glad I did - now it's unobtainium.

Steel Grey is fine if you like metallic black.

Lov'n mine even more now.

AdamFawsitt | 26 luglio 2014

I love my Dolphin Grey - very unusual colour, I think that Tesla should offer both options (it's not like they have a hug he colour palette to manage versus other manufacturers).

Brian H | 27 luglio 2014

What they have is a single Paint Center with a limit to the number of colors it can "stock" at once, AFAIK. The factory upgrade may change this.

negarholger | 27 luglio 2014

Now I have the second most rare color after signature red... I think I need to opticoat my car now.

( yes, brown would be more rare if they would discontinue that color soon )

Grinnin'.VA | 27 luglio 2014

I ordered an MS85 for delivery in October, with metallic gray paint and black leather interior.
After looking at the new gray color, we're both happy with our selection.

Color selection is a highly subjective decision.

Ron :)

Brian H | 28 luglio 2014

You may need to specify the new grey; AFAIK ones ordered with Dolphin are still scheduled to get it.

Sully | 6 agosto 2014

Ended up S85 with Steel Grey, Pano, Black Textile, Carbon Fiber...
Friends are calling it "50 Shades of Grey" lol

Sully | 6 agosto 2014

And stayed with the silver wheels...
I think the grey wheels don't look as good

Grinnin'.VA | 6 agosto 2014

@Brian H | JULY 28, 2014

"You may need to specify the new grey; AFAIK ones ordered with Dolphin are still scheduled to get it."

I just got off the phone with my Tesla representative. He said:

1. The old dolphin gray paint color will be unavailable after a couple of weeks from now.
2. My MS paint will be the new steel gray unless I change it to some other available color.

I need to visit my Tesla store to get a good look at the steel gray paint.

Ron :)

Sully | 6 agosto 2014


My wife's Mercedes is steel grey and I drove it to the showroom to put the Tesla Grey painted chip against it.
The colors are very similar. I'd say the Tesla has a bit more flecks of blue in it. I share the similarity cause it's hard to take a paint chip and extrapolate to a car. If you see a steel grey Merc, that's going to be a close proximity.

My wife's steel grey Merc has the tan leatherette seats and the combo looks good

TeslaLandShark | 6 agosto 2014

Tiburon Grey (aka Dolphin) all the way! Really glad it was available when I got my Land Shark back on 3/5/13.