I have reserved an S and will be taking a test drive soon. Assuming I configure and order, how do I pick a color? The showroom only has a white model (which I don't want) and it's hard to see what a whole car will look like from just the swatches on the wall or the photographs. Any suggestions on how to make an intelligent choice (I live in San Diego)?

jat | 17 dicembre 2012

You probably want to see them in person. I originally wanted blue, but then when I saw it in person I decided it was too dark for my tastes (very close to black). The photos on the ordering page don't match terribly close.

If you find real pictures, I think those have matched pretty well with my expectations, such as in review articles or people posting pictures of getting their car.

gregv64 | 17 dicembre 2012

I agree you cant go by the ordering page, but the samples in the stores may be the best you can do. You can generally take them outside to see how they look in natural lighting.

JohnQ | 17 dicembre 2012

Link to a thread showing the colors in bright sunlight. Might help your decision. Note that in cloudy or shadowed conditions I found the green and blue to be effectively black. Others have liked the change in color in differing light conditions.

jat | 17 dicembre 2012

@JohnQ - Those are good, though I still think the blue doesn't look that blue IRL (even in direct cloudless sunshine, such as on my test drive day). I had to hold up something black next to it to actually see any difference.

JohnQ | 17 dicembre 2012

@jat, I personally agree with you which is why I deferred for the red. Blue was my second choice but it wasn't "blue enough" for me, otherwise I'd be drivi my S this week! Color choices are quite personal, others will think that a fairly bright red is too much on the large canvas of the S.

drp | 17 dicembre 2012

I found a really great YouTube when I searched "tesla colors" it is about 10 minutes and shows a number of the colors. Made me switch to dark grey at 6 minutes 23 seconds on the video. Check it out but the video does not work on iPad yet

ylyubarsky | 17 dicembre 2012

Where is the video?

cmlaff | 17 dicembre 2012

Since you live in SD go to their service location at 9260 Trade Place Suite 100 SD 92126 during work hrs, introduce yourself to the staff and look at all the candy sitting in the lot being readied for delivery. More cars each week with a variety of colors and interior combos. You'll go crazy! All the colors that I've seen are varying degrees of beautiful. Ask the staff if they have any practical feedback about the different options.
Have fun, bring some friends, and be prepared for all the OMG comments.