Cost & Availability of NEMA 6-50 Adapter

Cost & Availability of NEMA 6-50 Adapter

Does anyone know what TM charges for a NEMA 6-50 adapter? I already have the 14-50, so I assume I would have to pay for a second 240V adapter. Also, do they typically stock them at the Service Center (Seattle in my case)? Should more of them be available now that the HPWC is out?

Jewsh | 26 marzo 2013

Tell me about it. I'm now very desperate for my NEMA 6-50 adapter. I am charging on a 110v outlet each night and sneaking power from the local Chargepoint stations when I can.

I know Tesla are very busy trying to break even and make a few coins but we desperately need them to stock some parts at the service centres.

sagebrushnw | 26 marzo 2013
shop | 26 marzo 2013

They are available and ready for purchase...

DouglasR | 26 marzo 2013

You will note that my post is almost two months old. Yes, last I checked, they were available at the Seattle Service Center.

electricblue0303 | 26 marzo 2013

The 14-30 is available (ne dryer) - what about the 10-30? (old dryer)

The 10-30 would work at old motels that have electric dryers with a 50' extension cord so it would be nice to have handy

biggator | 26 marzo 2013

They are VERY low on the 6-50. I tried to buy one from the store, and they're backordered. Thankfully, my local service place had a couple and got me one.

jat | 26 marzo 2013

@electricblue030 - yes, the 10-30 is available as well. I picked my 14-30 and 10-30 adapters from the Atlanta service center (of course after building my own adapters since I needed 10-30 for driving to a friend's house out of town before the adapters were available).

You may have difficulty finding a 10-30 extension cord - you will probably have to make your own.