Cost of installing 240 V outlet in the garage

Cost of installing 240 V outlet in the garage

I am getting one installed next to the breaker box in my garage, I received a quote of $550 incl permit.
Does that sound reasonable ?

J.T. | 2 maggio 2015

That's what I paid on Long Island. Short run to breaker box.

gwpotter | 2 maggio 2015

@gotgas you have not given enough information for a meaningful answer. Where are you located?

If you get only one quote from an unknown business for anything, you can never know. If you have (or known others who have) experience with the electrician in question it is possible to judge.

Generally speaking myself and other people have gotten significantly lower prices with individual electricians as opposed to electrical contractor or companies.

JVL | 2 maggio 2015

I paid 200.

It was a 2 foot run from the breaker box with a Nema outlet and a new breaker switch.

Piece of cake. I thought 200 was even expensive.

gotgas | 2 maggio 2015

@2Cybers located in Atlanta, the quote I received was from the guy Tesla rep referred me to. I will try to get more quotes.

Jay415 | 2 maggio 2015

I paid $200. I would have paid $600 to get a permit because of all the time the electrician has to spend waiting for the inspector.

Ruizmeza | 2 maggio 2015

I did my own, I have VERY BASIC knowledge of electricity. For my first time doing it, the amount of time invested was 1hr. Materials were about $60. Id say that 200 for a short run from the breaker box is not horrible. $500 is too much.

Get a second quote. compare.

trixiew | 2 maggio 2015

N Cal here. 2 foot run to breaker box, $250...seemed like a lot to me. Took him about 30 min.

Tom M.us_az | 2 maggio 2015

In glendale az. I paid $350 + permit.

dir | 2 maggio 2015

Denver, CO - very long run (100+ feet) - done by a Tesla-recommended electrician.
Some electric panel changes needed as well (move the A/C circuit from main to an existing sub-panel).
Also went with a 100A 240V rating for the HPWC (will have dual chargers).
Because of the long run, 2 AWG wire was used - heavy and tough to manipulate through metal tubing with several bends and joints and one long flex metal tube.

Took about 10 hours over 2 days.
Cost: $2000.00

electricBear | 2 maggio 2015

Bucks County, PA. ~100 foot run to garage with multiple 90 degree bends, exterior housings and penetrations, anchoring into a concrete ceiling, trenching (by hand), cutting a concrete walk, conduit, 100A sub panel in garage, feed to HPWC. Electrician I have used before for major rewiring. $2000+permit

Richdoc | 2 maggio 2015

In west palm, this is thequote from the recommended electrician. For placement less than 2 feet from my breakers
$550 for install
$197 for permit
$59 for service call fee

So I am getting another quote

gwpotter | 2 maggio 2015

@Got Gas

I you got your quote from Murphy Electric, be sure to get another quote. You want a guy who is a single proprietor - i,e, his office is his truck. Assuming your quote is Murphy, you should be able to save something in the range of $200 to $300.

kglad | 2 maggio 2015

80 ft run $400.

moving my panel (because of code changes), adding another panel (because i'm adding solar and the car charger and i'm maxing out my current panel and i already have to move the current one) and changing the wiring from electric company to my home ~$2000.

gotgas | 2 maggio 2015

@2Cybers got it from Mike Heck at Heck Inc .. He is the owner/operator.

TomServo | 2 maggio 2015

I needed 85 ft of 10/3 and a new breaker, local union contractor charged me $518 and even installed my CC LCS-25 for me. It's a first class job.

And what's funny based on my daily driving routine I'll be able to charge my wife's Volt and Tesla (when Inget it)..

jimmyjjacobs | 2 maggio 2015

I had to do a long run also; about 100 feet and change some circuits out. I think the total cost was 1350 plus the Tesla unit which is 750. It is the neatest thing to come home and plug in. Totally worth the cost!!!!!

Panoz | 2 maggio 2015

@electricbear - HOLY CRAP! That's a run and a half. You win the award for most difficult install (it was the sidewalk and trencher that won it for you).

golfgypsy | 2 maggio 2015

I paid $785 for a 100 Amp Circuit to my HPWC - about a 50 foot run from the circuit box, thru the attic in conduit, then down into the garage. It's perfect for my dual charger 85D here in Eastern North Carolina.

Uncoiled | 2 maggio 2015

I was quoted ~$450 in Vegas for a short run to the panel. It was only that much because they have to reconfigure some breakers in the maxed out panel.

$550 does sound a little high unless there's extra work involved.

aviationfw | 2 maggio 2015

Did it myself in florida $50 materials $70 permit. Easy installation beside my electrical panel

barrykmd | 2 maggio 2015

You guys don't know what a long run is! :-)

350 ft run in EMT conduit. Took electrician about 18 man-hours (actually, his helper was female) over 2 days. ~$1700.

OP - $550 is too much.

dilspam | 2 maggio 2015

about 46 bucks. I used to work on crazy power hungry computers so I had to get my AC license and High Voltage license. got the breaker, 3 feet of cord, 14-50 plug and box/face plate. took me 20 minutes.

code did not require conduit. no permit required.

teslagiddy | 2 maggio 2015

Although $500 is not bad, in my experience the Tesla recommended electricians are expensive. I just used one that has done work for me over the years. It's not something so specialized that any good electrician couldn't handle. You might save a couple hundred, but you've got to invest the time in getting quotes: that's your value judgement.

JLC | 2 maggio 2015

Orange Counry, Ca I paid $450 for my electrician to install 25' run of 6 AWG wiring to a Nema 14-50 receptacle including permit. The materials include the wire, conduit and associated fitting, breaker and receptacle. Also included pulling a permit and waiting for inspection.

crownprincejosh | 2 maggio 2015

About 150 in parts and labor. I had a sub panel in the garage but had to run the wire 22 feet in PVC to the front of the garage so I could charge outside as well. A friend who is an electrition did the panel while I snaked the wire and installed.

tom168 | 6 maggio 2015

SF Bayarea, main panel 50+ ft from garage, need to go up to attic. Got 2 quotes: referred by T: $1800 (with permit); another quote from small firm: $1275 (with permit). Call 6 firms only 2 replies.

KL | 6 maggio 2015

SF Bay Area. I paid $500 for labor and parts for a 20' run from my sub-panel to my HPWC. Surface PVC conduit. Top-notch install as far as alignment, attention to detail, and safety.

- K

roger | 6 maggio 2015

$38 in parts and 30 minutes to install. But if you can't do it yourself $200 sounds reasonable for the work.

bwb1 | 6 maggio 2015

Paid $540 in Seattle for a short run. PSE offers a $500 rebate so net costs was only $40.


Jcollins | 6 maggio 2015

Not sure where you're at. In Birmingham, AL paid $200 to have a 2 ft. run from an existing panel. took about 30 minutes. works great. Looks like original installation. I figure it was about $60 worth of materials and the rest for knowing what he was doing. I can do basic stuff but was uncomfortable working in the panel box, etc. Now that the car has been delivered, works great. If you're in this area will be happy to give you, or anyone else here, the electrician's name.

PhillyGal | 6 maggio 2015

@electricbear - wow! That sure is extensive.

In Philly, we paid an electrician $100 to come over and he provided the copper to run the outlet I bought myself less than 3' from my breaker. That was for NEMA 14-50 though.

tom168 | 7 maggio 2015


May I know who do you use?


Haggy | 7 maggio 2015

The materials were cheap enough. My outlet is about 6 inches away from the breaker box, and I had room in the breaker box for the breakers. Each situation is different. Costs are all over the place, but the big factors tend to be whether your breaker box can handle it, whether you have room in the panel, how far the run is, and how much permits cost.

KL | 7 maggio 2015

Tom168, I used Alley Electric here in the SF Bay Area. They have quite a few reviews on Yelp of their installs so you can see for yourself. The price was the most reasonable from the 3 bids I solicited for the job.

- K

modelx2015 | 7 maggio 2015

I paided $950.00 but the run was 75 feet to my breaker box and I had size 4 wringing installed just in case I decide to upgrade to a HPWC at a later date.

NOLEK SUM | 7 maggio 2015

No. I've had two, from licensed electricians: One two foot run, through the wall, $230. One 75' run, $350.

NB: here in AZ, no permitting is required. I don't know where you live, but local regs/permitting/inspection add substantially to the cost, as in the Peoples' Republic of California. A small example as to how excessive and unnecessary govt regs stifle business and productivity. But that is a subject for a different forum...

genedr @ny-us | 7 maggio 2015

$225 in "expensive" suburbs of NYC. Short run to box, breaker, NEMA outlet.
The electrical contractor company we used in the past sent a new guy - its a simple job.

brickfrenzy | 7 maggio 2015

$725 to go from my breaker box in the basement, through the drop ceiling about 40 feet, through a hole in the wall to the garage, along 20 feet of conduit to the outlet, plus an additional 120 GFI outlet next to it.

m10b | 7 maggio 2015

I don't have a price yet, but my situation was pretty grim. Wasn't 40 Amps available on my outdoor panel. We'll have to run it from the panel we have in the master bath, up through the attic, then down through the master closet and into the garage. I'm still waiting on the price, but it didn't sound cheap. For a moment, I was worried I wouldn't be able to do it at all and really sweated about it. I had no idea that your panel could be loaded to the point that you might not be able to install a 220 V outlet. Certainly my salesmen never mentioned that as a possibility before I placed my order.

CEYA GAS | 7 maggio 2015


Was your job permitted? I didn't think #4 AWG is good for a 100 amp circuit, especially at 75' want at least #3, or preferably #2 for a full power HPWC set up. Mine is 3' from my panel, and I'm running #2.

DallasTG | 7 maggio 2015

~15 ft run
Metal conduit
One 90 degree bend
Panel had space for new breaker
No permit


Tesla referred quote w/permit closer to $900

I chose door #1

ken | 8 maggio 2015

It would have been around $200 but I only had a 100A box in the garage and need to swap it for a 200A service. Probably put it closer to $400-$500. Very short run - about 10 feet.

dwaynewatson | 8 maggio 2015

Inland Empire/California - $150-$200 NEMA 15-40 plug 2 feet from breaker box.

m10b | 8 maggio 2015

So I face this decision - I have two (or three) options :

1) I can run a 50 Amp breaker from the upstairs bathroom to a post on the side of the garage right by the charging port. It would cost either $600 without a permit or $900 with a permit. They say I permit should be required, but they'll do it to code either way.

2) I have a spare 30 Amp 220 V plug in the laundry room. They can move that plug to the other side of the wall for $250. Won't be quite as close and would charge slower, but would be a lot less money

I only commute about 25 miles a day total so I don't imagine having a slower charger would bother me much. What do you guys think? Should I really bother with the permit?

DAB | 8 maggio 2015

$300 but asked to run line for 100a in case I want to get HPWC later on...

chohans | 8 maggio 2015

I was told to upgrade my breaker box to 200A. Was quoted $6000 dollars in total including a run to the garage for 40A charging. I said TANKS but NO TANKS!!!

I have EE degree but no house hold code knowledge.

So to brush up I watched almost every video on the subject that there is on You Tube.

Once satisfied with how to DIY it, I went and got new breaker box and all the breakers I would need plus tools and proper gauge wiring for a 80A circuit. Total cost around $400. A city permit would be another $500 on top.

Then I got my car and found I don't need 80A or 40A. The existing 13A circuit charges all I use overnight.

If I go on long runs I simply get to the nearest SC and then I am full in 30 minutes.

So, no sweat.

Anyone want to buy a house breaker box upgrade kit?

datademon | 9 maggio 2015

Cost in Seattle $890 counting permit.
Wanted 100 amp circuit to garage but limited to 70 amp due to size of service (200 amp) and other loads. Wiring included about 40 feet of metal conduit with multiple bends. A sub panel was added in the garage along with a 50 amp breaker and a NEMA 14-50 outlet for the Tesla.

Less than a week until we take delivery on the S70D!

In a month we'll have 5,880 watts of solar panels.

Mscatalina | 16 maggio 2019

@JLC can u send me the electrician info? Thanks

AERODYNE | 17 maggio 2019 DIY cost was about 600 including a new gen 2 MC.

Like you, I also found that I don't need much. 20 miles or range per hour is plenty. My setup is capable of 40A, but only run 27.

I think folks spend too much money on charging setups. Unless you drive more than 100 mi/day, and have no SC nearby, it does not make sense IMO.

MS-2013-60 | 20 maggio 2019

If you have a electric dryer outlet not being used.
1. Change the outlet to match Tesla charge plug.
2.Change the the circuit breaker to 50 amp.
This will gave you 30 miles a hour. Of course you can always plug in to 110 and get 4 miles per hour.
In most states if the home owner or a electrician does this ________ don't need a permit.
Go on web site of your electric company: fill out form for EV and get 45% off your bill.