I am anxiously waiting for the delivery of the Model X. I am a signature owner for that Model.
Its going on a year and a half 10/2013 and there is still no info on when it will go into production??
It keeps on getting pushed back quarter to quarter. I liken the lack of communication to being stuck in an airplane on the tarmac for hours with not a word from the crew. Very frustrating.
You've introduced the Model S in several upgrades but nothing for the X. Are you getting interest on the 40,000 x 1200 = $40,000,000 you collected as down payment? Conservative return of 10% would net $4,000,000. I don't want any of that interest equity, but why don't you throw in an expensive accessory to all of us?
Can you have someone reach out with some info, Please? | 27 aprile 2015

@ajb: begging is not becoming though we all feel the same as you, signature or just plain old reservation. Time to suck it up and pretend you really don't care when the X appears, that you thinking about getting a couple of Audi Q7s instead (one for spare parts :-)) ). Maybe an I3 just to be environmentally correct. Play hard to get.

We all know the truth.

gfb107 | 27 aprile 2015

Also, these forums are not a mechanism for communicating with Tesla the company. They are for "regular" people interested in Tesla and Tesla vehicles to have virtual conversations about Tesla and Tesla vehicles.

To reach out to Tesla, see

pvetesla | 27 aprile 2015

I'm going to the event this Thursday. I think they will be giving everyone who has a reservation for an X a free battery storage unti as an apology for taking so long. But you have to be at the event. Sorry @ajb

jordanrichard | 27 aprile 2015

Tesla and Elon and been repeatedly saying the X will be in production in August. Just like the MS in June '12, production will be slow at first but they will be made.

Lucythesplainer | 27 aprile 2015

WSJ reporting September for MX launch, maybe that is for regular reservations?

ian | 27 aprile 2015

Tesla has never mentioned a month for the X release from what I recall. They have stated Q3, which is a 3 month window, July, August, and September.

timf2001 | 27 aprile 2015

In their last earnings report in February, Tesla said "Model X deliveries begin in 6 months", which equals August if you read the statement as a precise number.

eddie.lee | 27 aprile 2015

Actually Tesla's executive have mentioned that Model X will be in the US market on September this year during an interview with Chinese media in shanghai.

NumberOne | 28 aprile 2015

No matter how you cut it, many of us will have our cars in less than 6 months from now. I have waited more than 30 months already, so another few is not going to bother me too much (as long as it is before the end of the year).

bobsiopener | 28 aprile 2015

I don't know what you're investing in but I wish I could get a 10% conservative return.

ir | 29 aprile 2015

Forget about delivery, you should worry about being able to choose options and finalize.

Crawl before flying and all....

ajb1126 | 11 maggio 2015

Sorry everyone...didn't know that I came across as begging and thought the meat heads at Tesla would get some of this.
pvtesla How did you find out about this event??
The only communication I receive is about new stations and Model S