Delivery events in Los Angeles

Delivery events in Los Angeles

I just got invited to take delivery of my car at an event Tesla is organizing at two locations in the LA Area this week end.

That means I'll get the car on the day my delivery window opens, 6 months to the day after putting in my reservation! Apparently, there must be enough Model Ss ready to go and be delivered in this area to warrant holding two two-day events, one in West LA and one in Hawthorne! Originally I was to have it delivered at my home, but I'd have to wait a few more days. Are you kidding?!!

glenster | 14 febbraio 2013

Please tell me more information about the West LA it on Saturday? At the store on Santa Monica? My delivery window is 3/1-3/15 but I would like to stop by and see all of the smiling faces getting their new cars!