Delivery Specialist not available

Delivery Specialist not available

Our car arrived in Chicago today - yay! Got a call to set up delivery. I've got a day off from work next week to take delivery and spend time with the promised delivery specialist to go over the car and answer all my questions.

Except, Tesla isn't doing that anymore. Too many deliveries and a third party provider will be dropping the car and leaving. No worries, I can call the Chicago service center with any questions. What? Why did I need to take a day off from work?

I've been promised this special delivery experience ever since I ordered the car five months ago, and now Tesla isn't living up to their promise. Anyone else have this experience? I think it is unacceptable, and I'm considering delaying delivery until a specialist is available. Thoughts? Thanks.

murraypetera | 28 febbraio 2013

Then they should discount the delivery fee.

Amped | 28 febbraio 2013

wow 70k+ and TM is now dropping the ball!

jbunn | 28 febbraio 2013

You are still going to want the day off work just to be with your car. In the meantime, I'd review the manuals so you are ready.

hammy16 | 28 febbraio 2013

Personal opinion only
I think while it was nice to have a delivery specialist for the early deliveries it certainly is not as
critical now with the relative amount of material (on-line manual, and
available now it is no longer a necessity. Our experience with delivery was great but in retrospect we had to revert to trying out things for ourselves and reading experiences of others as we really could not absorb everything in one session. The ownership@telsa folks are pretty responsive at answering questions and most things can be found by spending time on the forums. I have had excellent response from the ownership call in support line and e-mails are generally responded to within a day.

Perhaps there has been a tradeoff between getting the car to some folks or waiting until a "specialist" is available. In any event if there has been a policy change you should have been notified or at least given an option to defer delivery. It is certainly your prerogative to wait but in the end I think you might be better off and get the car now
and do a little discovery on your own. You can communicate with other owners via the forums
as well as using the support at I think you will find some joy in the learning process (which would happen (whether you had a specialist or not) in that there is
really nothing significant you need to know after a quick read of the manual that covers the basics of the operating the car. I found that questions that later came up probably were not covered in the
delivery introduction anyway..

Again One persons opinion.

Enjoy your car...

olanmills | 28 febbraio 2013

I do think it's nice the Tesla wants to provide this guided experience or whatever, but at the same time, it's just a car. I mean, I don't really think it's like so special that I need to have a special experience about it. It's a thing you buy with money. I want to get it and enjoy it. And for the record, no, I don't buy expensive things like this regularly and so it's NOT like buying a Model S is boring for me. Aside from my home, I've never spent even close to this amount of money on anything, including previous cars.

It's just, that's the way I am. I feel like I don't need to make an event out of it or anything. Maybe if I was in the Founder's series or something, I would think it's more special. But honestly, I mean, I'm just one of thousands getting the car in recent months, and I already knew everything there was to know about it before getting it.

I'm not saying you're wrong, just saying that I have a different perspective.

bradslee | 28 febbraio 2013

Unless the DS presence has special meaning to you and makes you feel that the process is complete, it really does not matter practically. The MS is so easy to operate and its manual is pretty much self-explanatory. Besides delivering the car and handing over the key fobs to you, there is not much else a DS can really help you with. If there is some items (like an adapter) missing, you have to have TM service center to ship it to you anyway. If the car has a problem, you have to bring it to the near by TM service center. The DS will not assist you to install your home charger system either. Therefore, I would say to give TM a break and take your MS as soon as it is available for you. Once you drive your MS, you would not care whether it is delivered to you with a DS or not.

gimp_dad | 28 febbraio 2013

Agree with olanmills. I do have a founder series and was just looking forward to the DS leaving so I could enjoy the car. Of course, everyone is different. I also don't usually read manuals before I use stuff which sometimes bugs my wife. :-)

I certainly don't blame people who do want a bit of orientation.

When my grown nephews or brothers or brothers-in-law take a ride in the car I hand them the fob and send them out to drive it without telling them anything at all. So far everyone has been able to figure it out.

Brian H | 28 febbraio 2013


Youth is fleeting. Enjoy it while you can! ;)

portia | 28 febbraio 2013

my dad asked for and had. a DS for his home delivery Feb 20. Maybe he is a special case being 91, and I made sure TM knew to send one with the car. I think it is nice to have one and it was definitely useful. So I feel bad if you did not get the orientation and walkthrough from a DS. Com'on Tesla, don't drop the ball, new owners deserve a great experience during delivery.

ganzilois | 1 marzo 2013

Update: I made my delivery coordinator aware of how I felt (I had been promised a delivery specialist from the beginning, and the final contract even specifically states that that is a service TM will provide). He called back a few hours later and assured me that we would have a DS for delivery a week from now. So I think it should be fine. The coordinator listened and seemed to care, so I am satisfied. But I still think it is bogus that they tried to deliver it without the promised level of service. Too many cars to deliver is a great problem to have, so hire more delivery specialists!

Thanks for all the replies!

jbherman | 1 marzo 2013

FWIW, I was perturbed prior to receipt that I wasn't getting a DS. I was concerned about what I'd have to do if there were any problems on delivery. I don't live remotely close to a Tesla service center or store. The reality is that it would have been entirely unnecessary. Delivery was quick and easy. I was ready to launch on my own. It would have been a wasted resource. I truly didn't need him/her to be there to hand me my fob. The delivery fee is no different than "destination" fees I've paid on prior ICEs. I don't think they're trying to pull a fast one on us. Rather I believe it was a premature promise that likely sounded great in the conference room, but not so much when it came time to implement. They need to increase their margins. Putting a DS on a truck or flying one out and putting them up in a hotel just doesn't make business sense. They've been available when I've needed them. Good enough for me.

jackhub | 1 marzo 2013

I ordered three years ago and got delivery in January without a delivery specialist. Big whoop! I bought the car, not a hand shake. The car is so intuitive, I can't imagine what a delivery specialists could add. I know, these forums are filled with coodoos to delivery specialists. That's great, but in retrospect, a delivery specialist would have simply prolonged the wait until I could do my own thing with MY Tesla Model S.

riceuguy | 1 marzo 2013

On the other hand, you know who could have used a DS? Broder! :-)

Keith72 | 2 marzo 2013

Due to Texas dealership laws Tesla has been unable to provide a DS for any of the deliveries in Texas (and no discount on the delivery fee). The car gets dropped off the back of a dlivery truck and you're on your own. In Houston the local owners have banded together to help each other, but as mentioned above between the manual, a video, the forums and phone calls if necessary, there's plenty of help if you need it.

Brian H | 2 marzo 2013

coodoos = kudos? Urk. Haven't heard that one before. And hope never to again.

nlightened | 2 marzo 2013

After reading about how many people have had quality issues with their MS, I decided that having someone address any issues immediately would be the deciding factor between home delivery and picking it up at the Queens service center.

I called the NY Tesla store to make sure a DS would accompany the car if I had it delivered to me in Manhattan. Mentioned these forums and that a lot of people were just getting their car dropped off by a delivery person without any knowledge of the car or ability to rectify anything that's wrong. They said that was untrue, that a DS accompanies every delivery and spends two hours with you going over the car. Another case of poor knowledge and communication at Tesla, it sounds like. I think they should make reading these forums required reading for every Tesla employee. They'd learn a lot.

Here's hoping for a smooth delivery with as flaw-free a car as possible. Will keep you posted in a couple of weeks.

Brian H | 2 marzo 2013

Depends on the state, mostly. DS service is actually forbidden in some. But a few are happening due to simple overwhelm, it seems.

Dennis | 2 marzo 2013

my car was delivered without a DS in massachusetts. i too was concerned before the car arrived but, in retrospect, i think it's better to receive the car without the DS. as others have said above, the car is actually simpler than the standard ICE vehicle and easy to figure out. there's an accelerator and brake pedal and a little stick on the right side of the steering column has a P, R and D printed on it. that's all you need to know. the majority of questions that may arise are answered on this and the TMC web sites. and i really enjoyed the adventure of driving around and getting to know the car on my own. when i eventually did meet my DS most of what he told me i already knew. there were a few questions i got answered but most were just curiosities. anyhoo, don't stress, yer gonna love it!

RacerX | 2 marzo 2013

Anyone get a Model S delivery in Ohio?
Are the DS resticted in Ohio like in Texas?

(Checking for the family)

I was the one in the family that had to reset the blinking 12:00 on anything at the house. Just want everything to go smoothly for the Parents.

L8MDL | 2 marzo 2013

Racer - you mean that 12:00 isn't supposed to flash all the time?? Guess I DO need a DS...

Robert22 | 2 marzo 2013

I received my car in mid-December. It arrived late and in the dark. The driver backed it out of the truck with me waving the flashlights. It was not at all my expected delivery experience but in the end turned out to be better than I could have ever hoped for. Why? Because of a recommendation from the delivery specialist who I had talked to a week before. He suggested that I play with the car and then make an appointment in a week or two for him to come out. By then I'd have a list of questions that I couldn't get answered from the forums or manuals that he would try to field. I would also be in a better state to listen and understand compared to the usual "delivery shock" that most new Tesla owners experience which makes it difficult to listen carefully while experiencing rapturous joy. This turned out to be excellent advice and made for an exceptionally productive experience. It turned out a lot of the things I thought I knew were either incorrect or incomplete which for me, made the experience indispensible.

Brian H | 2 marzo 2013

Catch all the "shoulda-askeds".

nickjhowe | 2 marzo 2013

If you are stuck without a delivery specialist, don't forget the delivery checklist that will help make sure you don't miss anything. It also points to the official Tesla walkthrough video of the car.