Did anyone get a Delivery Specialist when their car was delivered? I didn't.....

Did anyone get a Delivery Specialist when their car was delivered? I didn't.....

Haven't seen this talked about much - but our delivery process was rocky to say the list. Finally on delivery day (today) car shows up with a wonky truck driver and no specialist. I was under the impression that we got some sort of instruction after having paid $1000.00 for delivery and undergone a headache of communication. Thoughts?

P.S. obviously love the car.

bbmertz | 9 gennaio 2013

This is typical when cars are delivered via direct-shipment to customers. Nevertheless, you can ask the DS who was coordinating your delivery to schedule an orientation for you at a local service center, as I did today.

plinz | 9 gennaio 2013

My MS was delivered at 8:45 PM by direct shipment (part of the year end rush of deliveries). My delivery specialist had called earlier in the evening and asked that I call her once I had the car to make sure I had gotten everything I should. I called her at 9:00 Pm and must have spent 30 min on the phone as she went over the car by phone. I was really impressed with the effort.

tork | 9 gennaio 2013

Where do you live?

ofertel | 9 gennaio 2013

plinz that is great. It is very difficult to get mine on the phone however but I did leave her a message. In LA so I guess I will have to schedule something at the local service center.

ofertel | 9 gennaio 2013

Not to mention the driver started telling us how he doesn't believe in all these "new technology cars" after we have just sat in our brand new tesla!!!

Chuck Lusin | 10 gennaio 2013

I would think Tesla would like to hear that last comment!

plinz | 10 gennaio 2013

Tork I live in San Diego. The rep was Kyrstin.

mkh1437 | 10 gennaio 2013

My car was delivered in November to my home. The DS drove it to my house on a flatbed trailer. She spent an hour or so with me to complete the final paperwork, walk me through the controls and features, etc. In fact, I had to cut the delivery experience short as I had a conference call I had to dial into, so I think she was prepared to spend even more time. In all, I would say it was just as expected. I am in the Chicago area.

ViewAskew | 10 gennaio 2013

The days of DS to home for all are gone. I have a long thread on here about my frustrations. Don't think you're the only one, as I once did. In the end... you're buying the S for the vehicle. Keep that in mind... | 10 gennaio 2013

My delivery was December 29th at the Tesla Service Center. DS was great (thanks Grant!).

GLO | 10 gennaio 2013

Taking delivery at the factory to avoid just these issues...We are fortunate we are relatively close to the factory. Obviously, this is not convenient for many of TM customers. Going to a service center or factory ensures a much more complete process and is issues arrive upon delivery they can be fixed right then.

Jcmason | 10 gennaio 2013

I'm #9096, and my car is due to get loaded on a truck this weekend. When I spoke with my DS earlier today, I asked if it would be direct-shipped to me or sent via the local service center, she told me that they are trying to get get back to the normal delivery experience after the end-of-year rush, so will be sending it first to the local service center, then to my home, along with a delivery specialist.

jbunn | 10 gennaio 2013

Like ViewAskew, I think the DS experience is over. I remember at the founders series delivery ceremony George was saying "We'll deliver the car to anywhere that delights you!". I put my head in my hands and groaned. That statement should have been well qualified... Founders only. Or Sig's only. But it's not scaleable when you ramp to 20K per year. And that's just S. The Fremont factory has an eventual production of 300 thousand cars per year.

I'm a 60 with a P of about 4,100 or so. When I got my delivery window update, I was offered two choices. Pickup at Seattle service center, or pickup in Portland service center. (I'm about an hour from Seattle). No options for home delivery, or pickup in the Bellevue store (about 25 mins).

This is totaly fine by me, anyway. I was planning on pickup. I plan on making a weekend of it. Catch a ride to Seattle, get a hotel, make a weekend out of it, then drive home in the car.

But I think volume has forced them to rethink the delivery model...

NielsChr | 10 gennaio 2013

doesen't need a DS, just ship me the car :). I'll find out my self how it works - or read the manual.

SpinMD in NC | 10 gennaio 2013

I am one of many who've been reading the forums for many months. I have become more and more excited anticipating the delivery of my car. I believed that I would have a DS during the delivery, just like everyone else. It now seems more and more likely that DS delivery is going to be a thing of the past. It is unfortunate that so many of us will end up disappointed by the service in the end. I am confident the car will ease the disappointment, but this is a disappointment none-the-less.

ofertel | 10 gennaio 2013

So we finally heard from our DS who was overly apologetic and couldn't believe the things the driver had said to us! She said she passed it along to the highest management because it was so appalling. We also got a free frunk cargo net and are going to get a DS to come to our house and give us the tutorial. Hope they fix things so no one else has this experience in the future!

Jcmason | 10 gennaio 2013

I'm not sure why some of you think the DS experience is ending. At least, that's not what my DS told me - on the contrary, they're trying to get back to that experience after the holiday rush. I've also read several reports of recent deliveries with a DS doing the handoff.

Brian H | 11 gennaio 2013

Agree. The "scaling" of the early model has been impossible; the ramp-up was too fast to keep up with. Imagine trying to double your qualified staff 5x in one quarter! (2^5 = 32)