Did I miss the boat on TSLA stock??????

Did I miss the boat on TSLA stock??????

I bought a while back at high 30s, but for some reason chickened out and sold in the low 40s. This isn't like me, as I'm a long term investor (buy & hold forever....) Don't know what came over me.
Anyway, would you buy the stock now (long term) , as it is aiming to cross the $100 mark any minute?

rochec | 16 maggio 2013

Things will probably remain pretty steady for now, but big gains are likely if Tesla really can produce an "affordable" model in 2-3 years.

You probably missed this boat, but the long-term boat just docked.

GeirT | 16 maggio 2013

Who knows what the future will hold, but one thing is for sure, EM is not resting and I think he has much more up his sleeve, to be introduced - step by step. What does this remind us of? Steve Jobs. Look at Apple. I did the most stupid thing a couple of years back believing Apple at USD 72 was a stretch. See what that did to me. Sic! I decided the day I bought the MS to buy shares as well. And I will hold on to them a long time. Is USD 75 - 85 a stretch? Who knows. But if you are in for the long haul, can you afford to second guess? I'd go for it.

elguapo | 16 maggio 2013

@jdesmo I think you missed the boat if you wanted a 3x return in 60 days. However, as @rochec and @GeirT said, if you believe in the company, it's probably a good long term hold, but I don't think it's going to $150/share in the next 60 days though. Plus, the new offering announced yesterday adds some more math to the investment equation because of the convertibles, dilution, etc.

Captain_Zap | 16 maggio 2013

I'm adding to my position. But I am loooooong.

July10Models | 16 maggio 2013

My initial investment pretty much covered the purchase of the car and that is after taxes on the investment. The car is paid for but I like this car so much I don't mind a monthly bill so I am refinancing the car at 1.99% and going balls deep TSLA. Even if the investment tanked, I am stuck driving the best car ever. That is not a bad position to be in.

jdesmo | 16 maggio 2013

I'm long. Probably will drop $20G on it again and forget about it.

cgiGuy | 16 maggio 2013

For those saying they are still going to buy more, the question is: when?

Now--while it still seems to be on the adrenaline of the quarterly report and secondary offering--or do you see a decline back to the $70-80 range within a few weeks after the short squeeze is over?

kingjohn4 | 16 maggio 2013

Check this article out from 2.5 months ago:

Scenarios 4 and 5 would make today's share price a bargain!

Captain_Zap | 16 maggio 2013


I'm doing it now.

Brian H | 16 maggio 2013

Yep, timing the market is a sure winner.


gary.greene | 16 maggio 2013

cgiGuy: Interesting questions. I bought at $32 and held. A week ago just prior to the Q1 report I bought some more at $56 and will hold. If it drops back to $70-80 I would buy again. But no matter what, I'm long. What say the rest of you?

kback | 16 maggio 2013

That's almost exactly what I did, but you did better. I bought at 34, again at 65, and I agree, if it drops back into the 70s I'll likey buy more. It's a long term investment for me, and in the long run, I expect TSLA to go way up.

Getting my Model S a week from tomorrow - can't wait!

jk2014 | 16 maggio 2013

Can't forget the flood of foreign investors stampeding toward Tesla now... It's now a tsunami of demand for a while...

Captain_Zap | 16 maggio 2013

The boat still has room for passengers.
The general population is just now becoming aware of Tesla.

I'd say that you missed the boat when you see a Tesla in every garage or hear the last skeptic you know of talking about buying one.

danielccc | 16 maggio 2013

You missed the short-term boat for sure. Long term it looks good though.

Is $92 a good entry point? Impossible to say. So much has changed, I am still wrapping my head around it.

Today's secondary offering was brilliant. I thought they would wait for the stock to settle into a trading range for a few days before doing it. Instead, they did it as soon as they had a single flat day, yesterday.

By doing so, they sent the signal that big money accepts these price levels, and set a floor on the stock that wasn't there before. Instead of waiting for it to settle to a market price, they've effectively set the price.

They keep doing this kind of thing. They proactively cause things to happen rather than passively wait for them to happen. It's super consistent and you can only expect more of this in every context. The way Steve Jobs would put paraphrase it, Musk and his team knows how to skate to where the puck is going to be.

napacab | 16 maggio 2013

After putting 6k miles on my P85 since January the prospect of driving anything else on a daily basis is almost comical.
Was reading about the 2014 Mercedes S Class last night.
Light years behind the MS.
Decided to buy more stock today at $90 per share if that is all MB can bring to market.

lph | 16 maggio 2013

Danielcc +1
I bought in at 30 the day before MT announced MotorTrend car of the year and again at 51 a few weeks ago.
I wish I had the gumption to go all in at the first time, because it would have allowed me to get the P85 with just after tax profit by now. Oh well.....
One thing to remember is that if you wait a year you dont have to pay uncle Sam as much. In my case it is about a 15% difference.

jbunn | 16 maggio 2013

A boat perhaps is the wrong way to look at it. A boat leaves the dock at a specific time. This is more like an escalator. May go up, may go down. No best time to get on or to get off. The only thing that IS certain, is no matter what you do, you'll kick yourself in hindsight. Should have bought in cheaper, sold sooner/later, etc.

DouglasR | 16 maggio 2013

If Elon is buying, it can't be completely daft.

lph | 16 maggio 2013


jdb | 16 maggio 2013

Looong term is best. Be an investor, not a day trader. Go for capital gains, not ordinary income tax, so hold the TSLA stock for at least 12 months. It's a roller coaster ride, enjoy. And enjoy the MS. I'm looking forward to delivery of the Model X in 2015 when still plan on having the TSLA stock.

maddy | 16 maggio 2013

It's up 70% in a few weeks. The P/E on forward earnings, OK, earning PROJECTIONS is a whopping 1100. If this car revolutionizes the world, and super-rapid charging stations become nearly as commonplace as gas stations, then they will make money. They have a unique funding mechanism and they raised enough with the bond offering to cover operations it should seem for some time. But some insiders also sold some shares prior to this run-up in price.

Chunky Jr. | 16 maggio 2013

Once the stock went above 90 I put in a stop loss at 79.50, and the stock dipped below that for about 30 seconds on 5/15 and triggered the sale, then immediately went back up to 85+. Ugh! I think I'm going to sit on the sidelines a bit and wait for a dip. Long term I think Tesla will do great. Short term I think it will be very volatile and susceptible to wild swings on way or another.

gibbs | 16 maggio 2013

Three things. Perhaps oversimplified.

If Tesla sold 830 million dollars of their stock, and did something irresponsible, the stock may be in trouble.

Second, if Elon didn't buy 100 million worth, people would probably lose faith. (See Facebook IPO)

Third, if a company goes out of business, invest in their competitors. Fisker just laid off a large portion of their employees, plus they missed their government loan payment.

All of that leads me to believe that this is something to have in your portfolio. A side note, we may want to check out SCTY.

ChristianG | 17 maggio 2013

I just sold some of my stock yesterday just to secure at least half of the original investment. I still hold most of the stocks I buyed.

I still kinda believe that when they finally deliver the car in europe it may jump up a bit again. After that I think the stock will calm down again until somewhen next year as in that time Tesla needs to find new buyers and can't 'live' from the reservations. Then it will show how much more effort (advertising) they have to make to sell their car. Also there will be 20,000 cars on the street wich need repairs and/or maintenance and tesla has to proof their up for it. After that the Model X.

Tesla, while looking very promising and my fan heart making happy dances, is still far from 'save' and has a very interesting and difficult time ahead.

hfcolvin | 17 maggio 2013

I'm a small potatoes investor and have a sell order in for part of my position at $100. This is really just to leverage a few more shares when the pullback occurs. I'm generally a long investor and don't do much of this market timing stuff.

I bought a chunk of Apple around $100 in 2007 before the first iPhone came out. Of course, I'm not that bright I guess, as I didn't unload it last fall and still hold the stock. The dividend on Apple makes it a little more attractive for a long term position but I'm considering dumping it for Tesla.

Michael S | 17 maggio 2013

With my in-laws money I sold for them at $47. They made $17 a share and they are happy(ish). I sold half half my holdings at $93, so if the other half were to go to zero theoretically, I would still be out ahead. I "day-trade" and the only thing I can say is never second guess a win. "oh I should have held" will give you an ulcer or a drinking problem. With Tesla I will always have to be "in" at least a little. Like most of the rest of you I believe "the future is electric".......

Oh, and watching all those shorters get hammered was fun too........

Marty1234 | 28 giugno 2013

Bought 500 shares at $103 for long term mainly because I believe it's here for the long case scenario it's GM in 1915, perhaps you've read the comparison, worst case appears to be its here to stay but it's stock value could decline. The primary obstacle seems to be the dealerships lobbying to keep tesla out of there given states ...U sing that rational realtors could lobby to keep people from selling there home without a realtor..

carlk | 28 giugno 2013

It's your decision but I can tell you two of the greatest stock investors ever lived, Peter Lynch and Warrant Buffet, said pretty much the same thing.

1. Buy good companies for long term and buy only companies you know.

2. Never try to time the market. NO ONE can predict the short term variations.

Note I said stock investors not traders. Trading stocks is the same as gamble in the casino. You have at best 50/50 odds but most likely much less.

Brian H | 28 giugno 2013

Buy too late and sell too early.

skymaster | 28 giugno 2013

We need to boycott the Dealers!!!

wcalvin | 29 giugno 2013

The only times that I have done better than the market in general have been when I knew something a year or two before the stock market analysts realized what was going on and became comfortable with the stock's upside potential. Once that early insight advantage is gone, it's another story.

I'm still comfortable with recommending TSLA even at 109, not because I can judge 109 valuation but because I don't think most people have a clue yet about Tesla's achievement, and thus its prospects over the next 5 yrs.

With the Model S, Tesla's designers have vastly simplified the basic sedan and SUV/minivan. (See the PDF of a talk of mine at Other manufacturers of e-cars like Nissan-Honda-Mitsubishi can look at the Model S and know that the game has changed, that there is no future for PHEVs (at least seven models) and for EVs that merely swap the parts under the hood (Tesla Roadster, Nissan LEAF, etc). The Model S dispenses with so many parts (and with them, potential repairs). It is literally THE new platform for bodystyles.

But none of the of the other car makers have announced anything similar in bottom-up simplicity, even as a prototype for 2017. Tesla is already selling batteries and drivetrains to other manufacturers, and that's the way it is going to be for awhile.

Tesla has achieved a first-mover advantage of some years. And in the meanwhile, they are going to cutting into the markets of the other luxury sedans in the Audi-Lexus-Mercedes-etc market, plus all of the clean energy types.

CPM | 2 luglio 2013

I would like to thank TSLA for my free car. 1480 shares at a cost of 29.00 with a current price of 121 pays for the car plus all service costs and the additional electricity costs for the next 98 years.

SamO | 2 luglio 2013


Only if you sell.

AlMc | 2 luglio 2013

+1 SamosSam And if you hold onto the stock for another year or so you may also pay for an 'X'

carlk | 2 luglio 2013

@wcalvin What you said is exactly what Peter Lynch said about how ordinary investors can find good stocks to invest. Find good company with good product in day to day live before Wall Street discovers it. An example he used is how he discovered Gap (a ten-bagger for him) by shopping in the mall. BTW if you don't know who Peter Lynch is his Magellian fund was the best performing mutual fund in history with a record likely will never be exceeded.

I'm not too surprised that a lot of Tesla car owners also bought the stock. I, although not a owner yet but know enough of the car, can't think of a reason our roads will NOT be filled with EVs in another 20~30 years. Tesla has just showed the way. People on average keep their cars for 6 years now. I don't think there are many people who are so stupid that they will not switch to an EV in 5 generations assuming companies like Tesla will produce the kind of cars that fit their segment.

I'm sure most people on this forum agree with all this but it's still a best kept secret for people in their NYC offices. They might have read about the car but they never have a feeling of how great it is. So I also say it's still no too late to buy.

tobi_ger | 2 luglio 2013

Here's someone talking on YouTube about yesterday's trade day for TSLA, mentioning to expect to rise above 130/share:
The Tesla (TSLA) shorts are being squeezed. Here's your trade.
I hope this of interest to anyone, otherwise I'm sorry. ;)

Tesluthian | 2 luglio 2013

Did you miss the stock ride. Depends on if Elon re-ups/signs after his current contract expires, giving him incentives till at least 2032. Then EM can take Tesla production to 1 million vehicles plus a year and the stock goes to $3,000 dollars per share. This gives 30 times return on investment in 20 trs more/less.

If not, it's more like $300 + per share in a 3-5 yr time period, then who knows if EM steps down after that.

RZitrin1 | 2 luglio 2013

My grandma always told me this:

"Buy low; sell high."

Does that work? ;)

David70 | 2 luglio 2013

The trouble is, a lot of people see the stock price fall and then panic and sell. In the case of TSLA, it's always (so far) managed to come up higher than the previous high. If you have faith in the company, the first rule is never to sell lower than the price at which you bought it. And if you're not in a hurry you can wait for it to go up again.

wcalvin | 2 luglio 2013

Can't believe that there are original shorts left after the first 114.9 peak. The action since, with the steady uphill trend (122 today), looks like systematic accumulation by funds to me.

cfOH | 3 luglio 2013

I just got in for some more. My original purchase was at $16.something back about a week after the IPO, so buying at nearly $117 feels uncomfortable. I'm a pretty conservative investor, but Tesla seems to have all the i's dotted and t's crossed and the upside potential is just staggering.

JAFIC | 3 luglio 2013

I dun have the money to buy anymore....I got in at I sold off a lot when it was stuck in 90s.

aww well, I think the stock should go up somemore even if US starts their dealer nonsense. There is still Asia/Europe. My contacts in Asia are VERY interested in getting one. Just that right handed Model S are still in production