different power source?

different power source?

Hello I watched the documentary titled "The Revenge of the Electric Car" last night on Netflix. It was informative in regards to the EV type powered by batteries. I found no information on the hydrogen fuel cell powered EV types in the show.
Would not HFC technology be a good way to give more range to a EV type? The only problem I see with the HFC is the safety concern with the hydrogen gas being so flammable in a collision. The main benefit will be a longer range before refueling the gas storage cylinder instead of recharging every 100-150km.
With the sportster model you would be able to take it out on the highway for some real enjoyment without worrying about a recharge to get back home.

Blueshift | 6 novembre 2013

Hydrogen economy: Would not be efficient. Would still depends on fossil fuels. Would still emits CO2. Would still deplete finite resource ever faster as population increases. Is still vapor-ware.

Meanwile we have 100,000+ all-electric cars on the road NOW in the US and their owners are presumably happy with the range.

Hydrogen seem like poor solution to me. Others disagree. Time will tell.

Brian H | 6 novembre 2013

There are many problems with fool cells. Storing hydrogen is even harder than storing electrons, and it's harder to get.

grega | 7 novembre 2013

I'm interested in Fuel Cells, particularly the Redox Natural Gas developments.

However, Elon has said he's against Fuel Cells.

I'd like to better understand why, and the counter arguments. I'll take a lot on trust from Elon though!

Timo | 7 novembre 2013


1) Fuel cells are just plain unneeded.
2) Fuel cells systems are expensive even compared to batteries.
3) Fuel cell system* energy density is far worse than batteries.
4) Fuel cell power density is worse than batteries.
5) Fuel cell is way more complex system than pure BEV making reliability questionable.
6) Fuel cells are not very durable, degradation is real problem.

(*system, including the actual FC, battery, plumbing, fuel storage etc.)

mekasper | 7 novembre 2013

What were the details and implications of Toyota's recent fuel cell car announcement planned for 2015 delivery?

DarrellH | 7 novembre 2013

You need to see the first movie (Who Killed the Electric Car?). It discusses fuel cell vehicles. Not a good option.