Does San Diego have a service center?

Does San Diego have a service center?

If so, where.... if not, then when can we expect one.

ghillair | 17 giugno 2013

If you go to the Find US drop down of this web site you will see all the service centers. San Diego is 9260 Trade Place Suite 100

ppape | 17 giugno 2013

Yes they do. The address above is correct. They are expanding and will be moving to a place over triple their current size. The new place is a short distance from the current one. The new place is getting prepped & will be ready by Sept. When we took delivery in May they were really swamped. They have hired at least 4 new people and are still looking for another tech. Erick at the San Diego Center is wonderful!

Jackie :-)

Vicelike | 18 giugno 2013

Thanks for that advice, Jackie... good to know a name!