Driveway Slope?

Driveway Slope?

I have a two tiered driveway that leaves the street, crosses a sidewalk, then slants up to garage level, then levels out. I am concerned about clearance and scraping the bottom or rear of the car trying to put it into the garage where the charger will be. How do I determine if the driveway slope and grade change will prevent the car from making the short trip?

Sudre_ | 17 novembre 2012

100% way. If you live near a Tesla store go test drive one by your house.

99%, don't worry about it and get the air suspension. If that doesn't clear it in high mode then no standard car will clear it.

90% way. Go rent a car with similar measurements as shown on the spec page and see if the rented car scrapes.

RZitrin1 | 17 novembre 2012

My driveway is on a slope. I change from standard to high or very high suspension and then I have no problem.

sergiyz | 17 novembre 2012

Second that.
Air suspension, set on very high.
I can clear mine easily in tesla, it's pretty steep.

mkh1437 | 19 novembre 2012

I would love to see a setting that allows you to configure the air suspension by GPS location. So, for instance, if you have a steep driveway, you could set the car to automatically set the suspension to High when you approach your house.

srichland | 19 novembre 2012

I have a very steep driveway that goes into a subterranean garage. All my passenger cars scrape the bottom of the front-end. With the Tesla set on high I have about an inch of clearance - no scraping.