East Bay to Truckee

East Bay to Truckee

Has anyone driven from the Walnut Creek area to Truckee without diverting to Folsom to charge? I have a model s 85kWh and drive to Truckee often. I would love to be able to go non stop as the miles from my home to my cabin is 185 miles. Iam not sure how much extra drag going up hill has on the range not to mention the cool outside temp.

Cattledog | 10 febbraio 2013

I think you'll be at an outer limit unless you curtail speed. I 'think' someone posted recently it costs 7 miles of range for every 1,000 ft. elevation gain. Add potential for inclement weather, cool temps, headwinds, heavy load of skiers/gear, and you're likely loving that supercharger. You may only need 15-20 minutes to be viable.

Brian H | 10 febbraio 2013

Here Timo calculates that each 1000' gain costs 1kWh of charge. So more like 3 miles of range.