EMF emissions from Tesla cars?

EMF emissions from Tesla cars?

Hi there,

I am wondering the magnitude of the EMF emissions coming inside Tesla cars, considering the high voltage their electric motors work at, and how they are protected against this potential harmful fields.

It is an important issue to take into account, and I would appreciate any feedback from a realiable source or from the brand itself.

Thanks in advance.

olanmills | 26 novembre 2012

We're not protected at all. Everyone who has even been near the street as a Tesla drove by has started developing tails and a second thumb on each hand.

It's pretty useful though I have to admit. My grip is way better now.

Timo | 26 novembre 2012

Voltages in Tesla cars are a lot lower than normal ICE cars. Same with EMF and other related things. A lot less actually harmful toxic fumes too.

evanstumpges | 26 novembre 2012

"Voltages in Tesla cars are a lot lower than normal ICE cars."

@Timo how do you figure?

Normal ICE = 12V electrical system. I don't know the exact voltage of the Tesla battery and motor system, but I guarantee you it's well over 100V, probably over 300V...

I know the topic of EMF has been discussed before here and it may be true that it does not pose any significant risk in Tesla's vehicles, but the initial responses to this thread don't add credibility to this assertion.

Timo | 26 novembre 2012

Voltage to get spark in spark plugs is in kilovolt area, usually over 20kV. Those sparks also cause more EMF than any of the parts in electric drivetrain.

LEITO | 26 novembre 2012

"Precaution law" says that if something is not tested to be harmless, it can be harmful. Any evidence EMF amissions are not harmful in the medium-long term?

I am sure Tesla cars comply with the law in the US, but this law states different top values in different countries, and the dispersion between them is amazing...

As I said, any reliable source can proof anything?

jackhub | 26 novembre 2012

Hmmm. What about all of those washer/dryers operating on 220 in our basements? Not to mention those installed in bathrooms near master bedrooms.

I think the answer is similar to the question about maintenance of the Tesla motor. We forget we are surrounded by electric motors in our daily lives. When is the last time you had the motor on your refrigerator maintained?

Vawlkus | 27 novembre 2012

Do you have a cell phone? If so you're getting a lot more EMF from that than you will from a BEV.

Jaz M | 27 novembre 2012

Actually if you look at the drive train on the Model S you will notice the motor and drive inverter are in the rear. This is where you would see EMF emissions. Batteries, which line the bottom of the car are DC and they are not a significant source of EMFs. Also the car is a lot like a Faraday's cage, it will keep external fields out, internal fields in. One of the best metals to insulate EMF radiation is aluminum. 97% of the car is aluminum. Occupants are inherently shielded by the body of the car.

If you are extremely worried about about EMFs get rid of your cell phone and computer.

Hope this helps.

reitmanr | 27 novembre 2012

Well,after several rides in a S, my pacemaker has not done anything strange. I am pretty sure ice cars and crts and microwaves offer a greater threat. If any one knows of a danger to pacemakers, please let us know.

olanmills | 27 novembre 2012

"Any evidence EMF amissions are not harmful in the medium-long term?"

Are you being serious? Really? I don't know if you know this, but in America we've been using large scale electrical grids to transfer energy from one place to another for over 100 years.

Brian H | 27 novembre 2012

The battery casing is steel, by the way. For strength. (Mentioned in the Factory video, too.)

EMF-phobia is just like radiation-phobia. Fear of the unseen. Irrational.

Timo | 28 novembre 2012

Also uses "negative proof" logical fallacy IE. Arguing that something must exist because there is no evidence it does not exist.

I can't comprehensively prove that invisible incorporeal unicorns do not exist, therefore they must exist.

Brian H | 28 novembre 2012

Ya; my favourite is: "Prove you are not the Queen of the Space Unicorns in disguise."

danielccc | 4 dicembre 2012

Wait a minute Brian H, ionizing radiation is a known danger and at high doses is carcinogenic.

Just because you can't see something does not mean it's not real. Is low frequency EMF harmful? I doubt it but I can't say for sure.

But it's so easy to shield EMF, why risk exposure? I'd guess that the car provides adequate shielding, since it's a metal cage, but some EMF readings of the interior, and especially the child seats, would be nice.

Timo | 4 dicembre 2012

EMF is not ionizing radiation, and low doses of ionizing radiation is actually beneficial.

Do you have magnets in fridge door (or similar place?) Ever handled them? You just got several thousand times higher dose of EMF than anything BEV causes that isn't present in ordinary ICE car. Ever switched on lights in your office? You just got close enough to EMF that is similar to BEV. You are probably watching your monitor right now closer than two meter away, surprise, that too causes EMF. Your phone causes EMF. Even your coat can cause static field that is several thousand times stronger than anything in electric drivetrain (potential difference to cause spark is in kilovolt area).

EMF phobia is nuts. You need radio frequencies in range of microwaves before you can see some changes in biological tissues with low power radiation source. Anything else simply doesn't have any method of harming you unless you go to just insane field strengths in prolonged periods. Like living inside MRI device in hospital.

Brian H | 5 dicembre 2012

Thank you

mrspaghetti | 5 dicembre 2012


Go to and search the term 'emf'. This issue has been discussed ad nauseum.

lsikora | 7 dicembre 2012

If you EMF junkies want some serious EMF just use your 1000 watt hair dryer each day just inches away from your head.

Carl Barlev | 7 dicembre 2012

+1 Isikora

I'll use this one next time I have to fend of fearful ignorance... at a risk of terrifying the poor fools.

Good one :)

I never use an electric hair-drier. But wait a second, I DO use an electric beard trimmer. Oh man, maybe that explains all the migraines?


Yeah right.

Carl Barlev | 7 dicembre 2012

correction: fend off

Brian H | 7 dicembre 2012

And a can opener is twice as potent ! A microwave is 2/3 as strong, equal to a power saw. Etc.