Etiquette for Plug Share Home visits

Etiquette for Plug Share Home visits

Just curious if it is customary to give a few $$ or perhaps a cup of coffee for the wonderful people who open their home chargers to those of us in need? I never really thought about this before simple cause with an ICE you don't jut drop by a random persons house and get a few gallons of gas, instead we would simply park, plug in and go after recovering a few miles. Seems to me that some form of a physical "thank you" would be a good idea in this situation... Or is it enough to simply list your plug for others, kind of like a pay it forward type of thing.


hbh24 | 30 gennaio 2014

The few times I have stopped at someone's house to charge, I have given them a bottle of wine or some beer.

amitb00 | 30 gennaio 2014

My Tesla has not arrived yet, I have installed my charger. I have announced it at Florida Charging Network and want to provide a great charging experience to the folks including dropping them to a mall, use of home etc. if they so desire. I personally will not take any money :-) for this.
Having said that, in case I show up at some fellow owner's place for charging, I will take a bottle of wine just as a token of appreciation.

Darmok | 30 gennaio 2014

I've had four people at my house charging (the house is on Plug Share), one left a $25 card to a restaurant, the others expressed their gratitude verbally and offered their home charging stations were I ever to be in their area. I expect nothing other than a thank you. Were I on the other end of the deal I'd probably leave a Starbucks card for $10 or so depending on how much charging I did.

AmpedRealtor | 30 gennaio 2014

I publish my HPWC on PlugShare, but I expect nothing in return except the satisfaction knowing that I'm doing my part to help others. The last time a Model S owner charged at my house, they brought me a lovely bottle of Coppola wine. It was unexpected and very gracious.

Joe H. | 30 gennaio 2014

I would not expect anything but good beer is always welcome. I could see cashing in CC points and offering $10 - $25 in gift cards being a nice gesture when I travel out of town.

grega | 30 gennaio 2014

There's an opportunity to have Tesla's record how much they charge at any specific location. They might need to be approximate (using wifi and gps to get location), but it means that someone charging in a unit block could have a record of how many kWh they are actually using to report to their building managers (if asked), or if charging at a friend's house it could note approximate cost.

Having the car send your friend an email thanking them for the recharge, telling them the approximate cost (to surprise them perhaps, and make them interested in becoming a Tesla owner), and optional linking to a Starbucks voucher or movie pass might be interesting.

Similarly a way for the car to report what it's used may be useful for people sharing power just out of their supportive nature. Then again, I suspect it's more "supporting the team" than wanting anything in return. :)

ausdma | 30 gennaio 2014

I have my HPWC listed on plugshare and as yet no one has charged there. One guy called but the timing didn't work and he made other arrangements.

I don't expect anything except maybe some fellowship and I would offer up a beer or glass of wine myself!

Doug H | 30 gennaio 2014

I've stopped at 5 Plugshare spots. I've also published my HPWC on Plugshare. I took one family out to dinner. Another was a business and has an honor box. I charge there often, usually a full charge so I leave $10.00 each time. It's in a rural town where my daughter attends college. Without their charger, I'd have to drive my ICE.

The other 3 were in Ohio and Pennsylvania during the polar vortex. I was so desperate and so cold, I was more appreciative than ever but so focused that I forgot my manners. I had great conversation but didn't offer them anything. In fact, the offered refreshments to me. I was on the middle leg of a 2600+ mile trip.

TheAustin | 30 gennaio 2014

We've received variations on wine, cookies, and heartfelt thanks. Any and all of those is fine by me :)

One guy (who turned out to be a friend of a friend) invited me to join them for dinner, which was much appreciated, and above and beyond for what probably amounted to $5 worth of electricity. But then again, this isn't really about the money as much as it is about the community. So, I'd say do as much or as little as you feel comfortable with, but whatever you do, do it with kindness, consideration, and gratitude.


Nuts4MS | 30 gennaio 2014

Wow! It's great to hear what everyone has done or done for them, I think I will just carry along a bottle of wine on trips where I know I am going to be plug sharing as a good way to say thanks. I am going to be putting my 14/50 up tomorrow so I guess I'll see if I get any one stopping bye. I'm also of the opinion that supporting the community is more than enough especially since it is really only a few $ worth of electricity so feel free just to say "thanks" prior to heading out :)

Panoz | 30 gennaio 2014

Carrying $10 Starbucks cards is a great idea for courtesy charging gratitude!

AmpedRealtor | 31 gennaio 2014

When you charge at my house, I also include complementary restaurant chips and heirloom tomato salsa! :)

Chris Mears | 31 gennaio 2014

The people I have met through charging have been an unexpected major plus with my Model S. I almost (well, maybe just a small amount) bummed that SuperChargers will reduce these interactions. Besides the charging I have received tours of farms, a cold or hot drink, some great conversation, some cookies and (in some very rural locations) a place to pitch my tent. In return I have taken some folks out to breakfast, left six packs from my neck of the woods (Boston) and volunteered a couple hours of labor on a farm. The last was some of the sweatiest and grimiest work I've done in a while. It was great. Other times, I have just been very appreciative.

I'm listed on PlugShare, but being in the city and surrounded by a fair number of options I've never been taken up on it.

logicalthinker | 1 febbraio 2014

I like the farm labor option.

Will work for charge. Cow patties need shoveling? Check.

logicalthinker | 1 febbraio 2014

But realistically, the $10 Starbucks card is a great idea.

When I've used a plugshare individual's charger they've always arranged it to be available despite that they were not home.

So a Starbucks card would work because you could rubber band/tape it to the charger cord.

logicalthinker | 1 febbraio 2014

Oh, i second @grega. If the car had ability to email the charger owner the total # kWh used, and maybe include a PayPal payment for the local price in kWh... That would be awesome.

RonaldA | 3 febbraio 2014

I have had about 6 people use my charger. I offer a warm place to sit, access to refreshments and tv/wi fi. I have usually been given wine or beer, once some veggies grown from a garden, nothing was necessary, but all appreciated. I have installed a nema 14/50 outside in case sombody needs a charge and nobody is home. That hasn't happened yet. I enjoy the community and get to learn from those who are traveling some distance.


PhillyMomof4 | 3 febbraio 2014

Nice to read about the community building that plugsharing is fostering.

Has everyone who has offered their plug or taken advantage of someone's plug had a positive experience? I'm surprised though pleased that there haven't been unpleasant, strange or risky experiences.

Panoz | 3 febbraio 2014

When you all say you are on Plugshare, that's for sharing your HPWC, correct? Or a NEMA 14-50? Did anyone put in a J1772?

CoSta MeSa | 3 febbraio 2014

I was in Fresno last year on my first work road trip and another Tesla owner offered his business location for me to charge. I wasn't able to charge for long due to a Dinner appointment with a customer, and I really needed some juice. He told me to stop by his house whenever I was done. I showed up around 8:30 and was there for a few hours. Not only did they offer great conversation but also great wine. The next day I was still in the area and invited them to dinner. They kindly declined and said I should stop by for their famous Fajitas. I brought some beer along and the fajitas were awesome! I won't even tell you that I left my car overnight to fully charge for my trip back to the OC and took a cab to my hotel. I picked up my car the next morning and they sent me off with some Salsa that I had commented the night before that I liked!!! Amazing People - hope they come down to the OC one of these days so that I can repay the favor.

amitb00 | 4 febbraio 2014

I am really pleased to see warm reception which owners are giving to visitors. This is awesome. Although I have 14-50 at home, I am feeling that all of us should install HPWC if we can for the visitors. Hopefully charging at fellow owner place has different kind of fun.

Pungoteague_Dave | 4 febbraio 2014

We live in a location that is close to a popular alternate travel route that bypasses I-95 from New Jersey to North Carolina (rt 13). It is also a charging desert. We are listed on plugshare and have a HPWC, so have hosted five Model S road trip travelers so far. We expect nothing, are happy to provide coffee and a tour around our oyster aquaculture business and solar installation. We have been given a couple bottles of wine and a batch of cookies, but it isn't a requirement.

Brian H | 5 febbraio 2014

Except for local driving, only Teslas have the range or need to use or appreciate shared private charge stations. If the Audi R8 becomes reality, a 360 mi SUV will hit the roads in 2017 and maybe add some variety to the mix. Wonder if they'll be able to use HPWCs. Fun times.

Panoz | 6 febbraio 2014

I agree, an HPWC is what's needed if someone needs a charge bad enough to stop at a stranger's house. Just curious - I'm assuming everyone's HPWC's are inside, and the visitor replaces your MS in your garage and they get to charge inside? Or did people install HPWCs outside?

Panoz | 7 febbraio 2014

@PungoDave: so how long does the average Model S visitor stay with you? For a full charge (4 hours)? And do you move your own Model S out of the garage so they can charge? You get the hospitality award, pal...

Pungoteague_Dave | 7 febbraio 2014

@panoz - generally between three and four hours does it. One guy hung here for a full range charge, five hours. Remember that no one comes in completely empty. It is now possible to use our house to bridge between the closest Supercharger in North Carolina, and Newark, DE.

It is 176 miles from our farm to the Newark, DE SC. It is 208 miles to the Rocky Mount, NC SC. This means that either direction, people have needed to add about 200 miles to range. We have an 80-amp HPWC hookup, so charge at close to 60 miles per hour.

We generally enjoy the visits. We have turned down two people because we would not be here and our farm manager was not going to be working that day.

Our HPWC is inside a garage where it will reach an outside parking area, so if someone is really desperate I suppose we might close the door on the cable and leave it outside. The problem for most people is that we are about 16 miles off the main road and have a 1-mile long gravel driveway. They generally enjoy it after getting here, as we give tours of the oyster farm and if the weather is nice, it is nice to hang out on the dock or in the barn with the and motorcycle collection. We can also show off the 27-kw solar panel installation, which provides us with "free" driving and farm/house energy. We took one guy on a ten-mile ATV tour of our farm roads and marsh areas. It can be illuminating for people who have not seen the tidewater lowland areas that they bypass speeding by on Rt. 13.

I find the most Tesla owners are good people in person, even if some are a bit narcissistic on this forum. Comes with the 1% territory I suppose.

Sudre_ | 7 febbraio 2014

PD you should call Tesla and have them install a SC at your place! LOL.

"Honest Elon I am not going to use it to charge MY cars, just travelers!"

amitb00 | 7 febbraio 2014

Nice hospitality PD.

Bighorn | 7 febbraio 2014

When would be the best time to drop by with a lemon and some cocktail sauce (made with heirloom tomatoes)?

aaronw2 | 7 febbraio 2014

I listed my HPWC but I doubt anyone will take me up on it when there's a Supercharger just a few miles away :)

FMRTdoc | 7 febbraio 2014

@pungo Dave

NC greetings. I list my HPWC in WS, and since Dec have had several Model Ss use it. It's at my office near many restaurants. Great way to meet mostly nice folks

I'm guessing UR near the outer banks. Plymouth?

Can't wait to do the land route to Ocracoke home. (usually fly).

Thanks for your HPWC!!!!

FMRTdoc | 7 febbraio 2014


Don't doubt it. There is a really nice "underground" social network with MS drivers on PlugShare.

FMRTdoc | 7 febbraio 2014


I've found a nice Chardonnay is appropriate! Plus good conversation.

Nuts4MS | 7 febbraio 2014

Mmmmmmmmmm I'm gonna going to go enjoy a glass now :)

Pungoteague_Dave | 7 febbraio 2014

@john warren, no, we are on the a Eastern Shore of Virginia, in a charging wasteland. There's a level 2 about 90 miles north in Salisbury, MD, but nothing else between Norfolk/Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel and the Maryland line. The chargers at Salisbury University in Maryland are slow and usually ICEd, and the Nissan and Chevrolet dealers listed on Plugshare no longer cooperate with Teslas. For now we are it. That's hopefully temporary, as there's a 2014 Supercharger dot in Salisbury, after which we should be superfluous. My moniker here is Pungoteague, the name of the town post office crossroads nearest our farm.